NYC Street Signs

I’m jumping in at the deep end and deciding to join the Weekly Photo Challenge due to a combination of boredom and lack of work in January. Hopefully I can keep it up a full year this time. Resolutions anyone? Nah, they just lead to disappointment. Anyway this week the theme is ‘Names’ so having a flash of inspiration (or is that just my age and a hot flash? Who knows, feed me chocolate just in case) I decided to make use of all the street signs I photographed in New York last May. Why did I take so many shots of street signs. Maybe I knew they’d come in handy for some project or other.



11 thoughts on “NYC Street Signs

    1. Most of them were taken from an open-topped bus so they couldn’t complain as I didn’t keep stopping to take pics.
      I often get accused of working for google earth when I’m walking with my camera 😉


    1. You’ve made me blush *blush* but thank you!
      I have a K5, which I love but I also shoot with a Fuji F900exr as it’s easier to carry with me all the time.


          1. Yes, your K5 is also weather sealed so it has some weight as well. Not only can you shoot in the pouring rain, you can whack a bad guy in the rain also. You live in NYC? I grew up in Brooklyn.

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            1. Ah no, I’m actually Scottish. I moved to the USA in 2010 and live in Illinois. New York was a birthday treat last year. Loved it though and would like to go back but there’s so many other amazing places in the US I also want to visit.
              I’ll keep that in mind when I’m fighting bad guys – that my camera won’t rust in the rain 😄😄😄

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