WPC: Unusual

They took all the trees, put ’em in a tree museum….


And they charged the people a dollar and a half just to see ’em.

This week’s theme of ‘Unusual’ and all I could think of was the song ‘Big Yellow Taxi’ and the exhibition we had quite a few years ago at my museum (of course it wasn’t MY library, museum and art gallery… I just worked there)

Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone?

WPC: Collage

A Chicago collage. It’s a mixed-up-muddled-up-shook-up-world except for Lola…. no, wait a minute that’s the Kinks (and one of my top-ten favourite songs y’all) I should be singing a Queen song….

A few wee snaps thrown into a collage from a couple of days I had in Chicago this weekend for this week’s Weekly Photography Theme.

Fat bottomed girls we make the rockin’ world go round! 

Close encounters

Close encounters of the deer kind. This one was SO tame I could have walked up and petted it!

Deer lowres
Eye contact

Saturday evening sitting out the back when this deer walked across the gardens then stopped to eat some weeds at the edge of the hill. It also patiently waited till I went back inside to pick up my camera.

Deer lowres 2
What’s that?

Then as I slowly approached it started walking over TOWARDS me. I must have taken about 100 shots; it was one of the coolest things that has happened to me in a long time.

Deer lowres 3
She’s off!

Then just as quickly she ran off into the woods.

Technical stuff – Pentax K5 (for once I actually just put the camera in auto and started shooting not having time to figure out the ISO/exposure compensation etc.) Tamron 18-200mm lens, shot at almost full zoom. These are pretty much straight out the camera.

P.S. 3 posts in a week!!! Check me out being all bloggy and stuff!

WPC: Bridge

This weeks theme is ‘bridge’ but rather than trawl through my archives finding pics of bridges (and there are many many pics of bridges!) I decided to head out and re-photograph one of my favourite bridges in this area.

Older photograph taken 4 years ago

The Jackson Truss covered bridge is located just west of Greenup, Illinois and is a re-creation of a bridge built in 1832, which legend says Abraham Lincoln helped build along with his father and cousin.

Covered bridge2

The original wooden span was constructed in 1832, but was washed out in 1865. Ferry service provided crossing until a steel replacement was constructed in 1875. Unfortunately, that bridge was also washed out in 1912. Again, intermittent ferry service served the area until 1920 when a 3-span girder bridge was completed. In 1996, the eastern pier was severely damaged due to flooding. A grant was applied for to construct a historic looking covered bridge to replace the damaged one.

Covered bridge3

The recreation was designed to carry modern day vehicle loads, including semi-trucks, this 200 foot single span structure is reported to be the longest covered timber bridge in the US without posted restrictions.

Covered bridge1

Costing 2.8 million dollars to construct and funded by Federal and State funds, the old structure was demolished and removed in November of 1998 and in spring of 2001, the new bridge was commemorated.
A patent from the original bridge truss aided in the design of the new bridge. Walking inside the bridge one is astounded by the size of the large timbers and the visible construction techniques used.

The new bridge has a story board and observation deck on the west bank and is open to both vehicle and foot traffic.


And as all that information is far too serious (I hope you’ve been paying attention – there will be a quiz later!) here’s an added bonus of a photograph of an orchard I stopped at to buy peaches on the way home.

A bad hair day

Dawg recently got a haircut, courtesy of hubby. It’s a bad one. I also just got a haircut, not courtesy of hubby I hasten to add, and it’s also a bad one. But whereas I pull my hair back off my face with sunglasses, or tie it up till it grows again Dawg couldn’t give a sh*t about how bad his haircut is. Be more like Dawg. Embrace the bad haircuts, even if they make you look like Gizmo the Gremlin. (Dawg, not me)

WPC: Delta

I wasn’t sure if the topic for this week was ‘Delta’, ‘Change’, ‘Transition’ or what…. but the thing that got stuck in my mind was Delta and of course what is the biggest Delta in the USA but the Mississippi Delta. I haven’t actually been to the Delta of the river as such, but I have crossed the Mississippi several times going to Memphis and also up in the Quad Cities in Illinois and when it merges with the Ohio on my route to Nashville and of course it’s part of the culture in New Orleans, which I was fortunate enough to visit a few years ago (I even paddled my feet in it). Anyway this week it’s a few shots of the Mississippi I’m showing y’all from N’awlins (like my accent?)

The first is a shot of the Creole Queen Paddle Steamer which I had played around with in Photoshop to give it an aged feel.

Mississippi lowres
Paddle steamer on the Mississippi

This next shot was taken from the City of New Orleans train window somewhere in Louisiana. I also aged it in Photoshop to give a bygone-effect. 16 hours on a sleeper train to N’awlins, playing ‘Phase Ten’ card game with friends and watching the scenery pass by. Good times.

Fuel dock lowres
Gas Beer Food Bait – what more could you ask for?