Woke up today to a world filled with mist. Perfect for this weeks Photo Challenge theme of ambience… unfortunately I forgot for a short time where I actually live! There’s very little of scenic value in East Central Illinois. My visions of rolling hills shrouded in mist with spooky shadowed trees and mysterious silhouettes and spooky ambience weren’t going to happen. Anyway I fired up the imps in the camera (Terry Pratchett refernce for non-Pratchett fans) and headed out this morning to go photograph Ambient Stuff.

Firstly I visited the lake where I did manage to snap a few shots that, whilst not exactly what I wanted, turned out OK.

Then I headed off to the graveyard, but by this time the mist was starting to lift a little bit so didn’t get the shots I wanted there either.


Oh well, it got me out with my camera, plus more importantly I had fun shooting randomly again. I haven’t been out without purpose or intent to shoot anything for months and I forgot how much fun it is wandering around with a camera.

Happy shooting everyone. Go take your camera for a walk.


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