The Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes

Back to Death Valley, California on my November road trip.
What that again???
Well, yes, I have a gazillion photographs that I feel the need to share with all my victims friends.
*Sigh*, OK then, show us yer photies!

Due to grumpiness and almost being at his last straw (husband), with comments like “How many photographs do you need to take?”, plus the fact he “didn’t want to be driving for 14 hours instead of 7” (I shared the driving, I don’t know what he was moaning about!), I didn’t get to climb to the top of the sand dunes. I didn’t actually get to more than quarter of a mile away from the car park. But no matter, the photographs I did get were enough to keep me happy(ish). I would have loved to stay until sunset though and get some shots from actually down IN the dunes with the golden light…. maybe next time. By myself.

Mesquite sand dunes lowres
Sand Dunes and Mountains
Sand dunes 4
Deadwood (Not the Dakota one)
Sand dunes 2
Artsy sand dunes
Sand dunes 6
Check out all these footprints in the sand!
Sand dunes 3
More dead wood
Sand dunes 5
Never shoot into the sun. Say’s who?
Sand dunes 1
Random guy soaking up the atmosphere


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