The Route 66 part of my road trip

Route 66 – it’s where I got my pancakes kicks.

Firstly I’d like to say I’m doing this road trip backwards and all over the place. I started in Las Vegas and ended up in San Diego, but these posts are jumping around something silly. But that’s the way my brain works, so that’s the way my fingers type.

Route 66, or the Californian part of it, was empty, huge and fantastic. Nothing at all like I’d imagined. It was better… even though we did have a slight wobbly about running out of petrol (gas) when the one and only gas station for miles (Roy’s) had a queue of cars and a pump not working. No worries though, the guy from the gas station crossed the street to the post office (2 buildings out in the middle of nowhere btw) to get someone from there to come kick the pump. Well maybe he did something more technical to it, but it worked. Yayy!

Anyway, back to the pics. Roy’s Motel and Gas Station in Amboy, CA. Where I apologised to the guy at the checkout for being slow to pay and he answered “Ain’t got a heck of a lot to do here so take all the time in the world!”,  which was a fabulous answer. Let’s all take life a bit slower, eh?

roys 1
Roy’s Motel and Cafe sign
roys 2
Roy’s Motel and Cafe, Route 66, Amboy
roys 4
Petrol (gas) pump that wouldn’t work till it got hit a kick from the Post Master. 🙂
roys 5
Obligatory Harley on Route 66
roys 3
Junk roadside art, Route 66, Amboy, CA.
route 66 1
Water tower
route 66
Where you get your kicks
route 66 breakfast
Where you get your pancakes
route 66 breakfast 2
As recommended by the great food blogger Alba. Pancakes and bacon a speciality.

Then just when I thought Route 66 couldn’t get any cooler, a lone coyote passed by. No doubt looking for Roadrunner. Watch out for falling anvils and ACME dynamite.

Wylie E.

Huge crop and huge zoom, but still extremely cool to see in the wild!

Route 66 coyote
Coyote on the prowl

Summing up – Route 66 was brilliant, and I’d recommend it to anyone. Hah, and y’all thought I couldn’t do a travel blog! 😉

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