Repurpose: Weekly photo challenge

As a wise man once said…. “If it wisnae fur yer wellies, whaur wid ye be?” Sage advice indeed.


This weeks theme was a hard one I thought. Plus I’m so busy I didn’t have time to go out and look for something repurposed (is that a real word? I’ve looked at it for so long it doesn’t seem right to me anymore) Anyway found this one in my archives and I thought it was pretty cool. Wellies repurposed as a plant pot. These aren’t MY wellies (rainboots American peeps) – these ones below are my wellies.


Ahhh, if it wisnae fur yer wellies ye’d be in the hoaspital or infurmaree.



Weekly photography challenge – Graceful. The first thing that springs to mind is my photograph of the ballet dancers in Miami over the summer, but I’d already uploaded the best photograph from that lot and the rest were blown out too much to salvage (harsh middle of the day lighting) but looking back over the photographs again I found this one.


Look at how graceful she is, just standing there having a conversation.

Anyway here’s a link to the earlier post –¬†

What to post for Graceful then if I wasn’t going to use the dancers again. Last week I was having a conversation with a friend about statues and I realised I had loads of unused photographs of the statues ontop of the tombs in New Orleans. Looking through them this morning it struck me as to how graceful they were and how talented the sculptors were to create these pieces of art.


If you’re ever in New Orleans don’t miss the chance to visit the cemeteries. I only had time to visit one of them but I’m so glad we made the trip, plus it means if I ever go back then I have loads more to visit. Plus y’all need to go to Cafe Du Monde and eat Beignets. “What has that to do with Graceful?” Nothing at all, but you know, BEIGNETS!


via Photo Challenge: Graceful


Woke up today to a world filled with mist. Perfect for this weeks Photo Challenge theme of ambience… unfortunately I forgot for a short time where I actually live! There’s very little of scenic value in East Central Illinois. My visions of rolling hills shrouded in mist with spooky shadowed trees and mysterious silhouettes and spooky ambience weren’t going to happen. Anyway I fired up the imps in the camera (Terry Pratchett refernce for non-Pratchett fans) and headed out this morning to go photograph Ambient Stuff.

Firstly I visited the lake where I did manage to snap a few shots that, whilst not exactly what I wanted, turned out OK.

Then I headed off to the graveyard, but by this time the mist was starting to lift a little bit so didn’t get the shots I wanted there either.


Oh well, it got me out with my camera, plus more importantly I had fun shooting randomly again. I haven’t been out without purpose or intent to shoot anything for months and I forgot how much fun it is wandering around with a camera.

Happy shooting everyone. Go take your camera for a walk.


NYC Street Signs

I’m jumping in at the deep end and deciding to join the Weekly Photo Challenge due to a combination of boredom and lack of work in January. Hopefully I can keep it up a full year this time. Resolutions anyone? Nah, they just lead to disappointment. Anyway this week the theme is ‘Names’ so having a flash of inspiration (or is that just my age and a hot flash? Who knows, feed me chocolate just in case) I decided to make use of all the street signs I photographed in New York last May. Why did I take so many shots of street signs. Maybe I knew they’d come in handy for some project or other.