WPC: Transient

Transient: Lasting only a short time. Impermanent.

Some old photographs (again) but sums up my idea of transient. Isn’t nature wonderful?


A moment of love

A dream

A laugh

A kiss

A cry


Our rights

Our wrongs


A moment of love

A Dream

A laugh


A moment of love

A dream

A laugh


Lyrics: The Temper Trap, Sweet Disposition


WPC: Focus or games night at mine

scrabble lowres
5 bajillion points!

Not that our family is competitive or anything…… but there can be all out fights if someone uses the triple word score square for a silly wee 3-letter word like ‘and’. We take our gaming seriously here in the Alba household!

dice lowres
17 points

Yahtzee…. only becomes fun after a glass of wine!

Pool lowres
120 points!

Pool. Not something I’m very good at unfortunately. Being honest I just like breaking.

poker lowres
Royal Flush – ALL the points!

Poker. I like to play poker, but only for fun. My sister once told me that when I have a good hand it’s so obvious; if I was a dog my tail would be wagging.


WPC: (out of) Order

The front duck wobbled. Probaby planning his big escape!

Phew, just made it by the skin of my teeth – what a weird phrase! Teeth don’t have skin. Well mine don’t 😦 I’ve really trailed my archives for this shot, which was one of the first I took when I finally got a DSLR after years of drooling over them. Anyway I tried Focus Stacking here and it worked (kinda) but the front duck is a wee bit blurry.

Order is the theme for this week and I thought this photograph was quite appropriate. One of these is not like the others.

Be weird.

Stay weird.

Embrace your differences.

Stand out from the crowd and do your own thing.

Be a free spirit. 


WPC: Friend

So many ways to think about this week’s photography challenge. I’m very lucky to have in my life a lot of people I count as friends – Scottish friends I’ve know forever, American friends I’ve known for the past few years, online friends and of course my non-human doggo friend…

My next-door neighbour (and good friend) moved away last month and before she left we spent a lot of time together as she was on her own and feeling sad. Anyway I told her a quote I’d seen on the internet and actually made her cry (which I really feel bad about) but it was so appropriate for us.

“You have 3 types of friends in life:

Friends for a reason,

Friends for a season,

and Friends for a lifetime.”

I can categorise her most definitely in the ‘friends for a lifetime’ group.

In saying that I haven’t always had a lot of friends around me at certain times in my life, whether it was due to moving away, being busy, life changing circumstances or whatever, BUT I have always been able to lose myself and find a friend in a book. This quote from Carlos Ruiz Zafón sums it up perfectly in my eyes:

“In the (book)shop we buy and sell them, but in truth books have no owner. Every book you see here has been somebody’s best friend.”

From devouring Enid Blyton and her Famous Five and Secret Seven series as a child (I wanted to be George SO badly!) I have found a lot of best friends in books throughout my life.

So this week’s photograph is a still life, not any of my favourite books, but just a photograph of some old books I found in mum’s house last year.

Scottish books lowres