Bucket list

Do you have a bucket list? I don’t. I’m not nearly organised enough to create one, plus I wouldn’t really know what to put on it. I’m more of a ‘whatever happens happens’, hakuna matata, manana, and as my granny used to say “Whit’s fur ye wull nae go by ye” type of person. Yes, lazy I guess is a pretty good description too.

My mum however is the most organised, to-do-lister, bucket-list type person you’ll ever meet. She never slows down, never SITS down, and does everything at 100mph. She does have a bucket list and I’m happy to tell y’all that I’m going to be helping her to cross a few items off this list in the coming week.

She’s taking me and my sister to Hawaii with her (item 1 on her bucket-list) as it’s her 70th birthday next Saturday. Hiking a volcano (item 2), snorkelling (item 3), going whale watching on a boat (item 4) – I haven’t the heart to tell her that I googled the ‘whales in Hawaii thing’ and the whale watching season is November to May. There’s also a helicopter ride (item 5) on the bucket-list, but my sister and I have secretly organised that one ourselves for the actual day of her birthday. I’m sure there will be many more items crossed off the list by the time the vacation is over.

I’m just happy I’m getting a free trip to Hawaii and get to take my camera.

A bucket – for your bucketlist!

So tell me what’s on your bucket list….


Mexican Cemetery

Before moving to the USA I wasn’t even aware of Cinco de Mayo, never mind any ‘real’ traditions or customs of Mexico. After extensive research (Googling a few pages) I discovered that it isn’t really a Mexican day, it’s more of an American thing. Kind of like St. Patrick’s Day, not as big in Ireland as it is in the USA. Anyway I was lucky enough to visit Mexico for a short trip in the summer and one of the highlights (photographically wise) was the Mexican cemetery. After getting home and extensively researching (more Google) Mexican customs regarding Día de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead I found out how important a day this is to the families of the departed. It’s a day of celebration and honouring their dead.


Descansa en paz – Rest in Peace.