NYC Street Signs

I’m jumping in at the deep end and deciding to join the Weekly Photo Challenge due to a combination of boredom and lack of work in January. Hopefully I can keep it up a full year this time. Resolutions anyone? Nah, they just lead to disappointment. Anyway this week the theme is ‘Names’ so having a flash of inspiration (or is that just my age and a hot flash? Who knows, feed me chocolate just in case) I decided to make use of all the street signs I photographed in New York last May. Why did I take so many shots of street signs. Maybe I knew they’d come in handy for some project or other.


Noo Yoik

Last set of uploads from New York (I promise!) even though I have hundreds more. I don’t want to be boring. Plus I have another big trip planned in a couple of weeks…. ssshhhh, it’s a secret!

New York 56
The Flat Iron Building

I would have loved to have been a couple of feet to the left but that would have meant hovering hundreds of feet up in the air off the side of the Empire State Building, and even though I have MANY special powers hovering in mid-air isn’t one of them (unfortunately)!

*edited – left? I mean right of course. I think I have left-right dyslexia. All I ever hear from my family and friends is “NO, your OTHER right!”

New York 64
Bryant Park Coffee Shop

Just sitting watching the world go by. Is there anything more fun than people watching? I think not. Mind you when I people-watch I try to avoid eye-contact, but sometimes the inevitable happens. I think I’m a magnet for weirdos and nutters. I have so many stories about being approached by strangers and the strange things that happen to me…. another time for those stories perhaps.

New York 68
Brooklyn Bridge

Didn’t get to walk across unfortuantely. One of my friends we met up with in New York actually had a broken leg so we tried to make it as easy as possible for her with the amount of walking we did. Mind you I still managed to average 18,000 steps a day! She didn’t do that many steps before I get accused of cruelty to the broken-legged. She taxied a lot of places where I would walk with my other friends. One photograph I would have loved to have taken was of this bridge at night with the skyscrapers in the background but that photo has been done to death anyway, by much better photographers than me.

New York 55
Building advertisments

Not a black and white but I really love old advertising, especially on the side of buildings. I actually have a plan in my head to do a graphic design of all the New York street signs (yep, I took tons of photographs of them too!) and make them into a sort of collage. That project will take me a wee while to complete but until then, goodbye from Noo Yoik!

New York Street Shots

New York 45

New York 46

New York 47

New York 48

New York 49

New York 50

New York 52

New York 53

New York 54

New York People – the colourful and not so colourful characters. Give me a pavement cafe and sit me down to peoplewatch and I’m happy.

Technical note – only took the one lens with me, Sigma 18-300, as I didn’t want to be faffing about with changing lenses all the time and I was very pleasantly surprised at how well it shot portraits. The majority of my ‘street-life’ shots were taken from a moving bus too so I’m pleased at how it performed.

Things I learned in New York

New York 24You can fit five (large) adults in the back seat of a hire-car… not something I hope to repeat in the near future though!

New York drivers speak to each other in code by honking their horns. Apparently it’s an official language.

“Watch yer heid” in broad Scots is understood in any language, especially when the tour-guide is standing up on an open-topped bus.

Laughing hysterically whilst using Snapchat sitting in a bar draws eye-rolls and looks from the younger generation who are probably all going “Check out the old dudes learning to face-swap”.

If you keep your eyes closed on the taxi ride from the airport it doesn’t make it any better – I’m still traumatised!

The Empire State Building is NOT the Eiffel Tower, no matter how  many times I called it that.

This isn’t the Empire State woman, this is the Statue of Liberty.

I get confused at my age….

New York 27



New York New York

New York 25 low res

New York – how do I explain it to someone who’s never been before. Big, yes. Noisy, yes. Crowded, yes. Expensive, Hell Yes! It’s almost as if someone from every country on Earth has been pushed into this small island (Manhattan) and they’re all in Times Square at the same time!

Did I like it? Yes and no. Parts of it were fantastic, parts of it not so much. I didn’t like Times Square at all but I loved some of the other areas.

Anyway what to blog about from my time there…. it’s got to be people. I took SO many photographs of characters walking along the streets, from a naked Wonderwoman (body-painted) to a man in a bright yellow zoot-suit, but unfortunately I haven’t had time to process the shots yet.

So here is one of the few shots I’ve uploaded from my camera. Hopefully next week I’ll get a chance to check out the street-life shots.

“In New York
Concrete jungle where dreams are made of
There’s nothing you can’t do
Now you’re in New York
These streets will make you feel brand new
Big lights will inspire you
Hear it from New York! New York! New York!”