Birthday Dawg

Glenn the Airedale again (Oh no, not ANOTHER post about her dog!!!)

But it’s his birthday…. he’s 2 today! Time to stop eating socks I think Glenn. Yesterday morning I woke up to a lovely ‘present’ underneath the Christmas tree… I thought he’d been a bit quiet the previous evening – he was obviously digesting the latest sock to go missing!

I let the kids name him (Glenn) but my last dog, which was also an Airedale was called Bob the Dog, which in my opinion, is the best name ever for a dog. I really wanted to get a collie this time round just so I could name him Colin the Collie, but I was outvoted in favour of another Airedale.

The first dog I ever had though was called Hutch. Yep, after Starsky & Hutch. Who, I hear the younger readers ask??? In my defence my sister got to name him and she was only 6 when we got him. He was a Bearded Collie and I’ve always wanted to get another but they’re mad. Madder than Airedales and I don’t know if I can handle that kind of energy every day.

I used to work beside a woman who always called her dogs Pierre. Now Pierre is a pretty great name for a French Poodle, but by the time I knew her she was onto Pierre 5 which is kind of weird dontcha think?

Another woman I worked with called her dog Dewey after the Dewey Decimal System – we worked in a library – and somehow that’s even weirder than Pierre No. 5 (sounds like a French perfume)

So now I come to the point of all this rambling… what’s your pet’s name and what has been your favourite pet?





8 thoughts on “Birthday Dawg

  1. Deltic, Pongo and Bluebell (Little Princess) the Working Cockers, send birthday wishes and their love to young Glenn!
    Deltic, who is 12, would like to point out that ‘presents’ under the tree are perfectly normal, he gave our tree a good “watering” the other day! 🙂

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    1. Glenn says Hi back to his Welsh/Cornish friends and advises Deltic that eating candles is also a good trick to panic his humans. He says we should have known better than to try and have pretty candles at Christmastime with a dog in the house! :-/

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      1. Deltic says he is proud of young Glenn. Every dog should give their owners a massive scare around Christmas at least once in their lives. Deltic’s mum threw in a false pregnancy and false labour at about nine pm one Christmas Eve!


  2. Ned now, earlier Eggroll, before that TaterCat, and at one point I had Anableps, Zipperhead, the Baron Von Squackadiddly Von Squeakendirk (Squeak, for short), Raisin, Thelma, and Mouse. THANK you for making (letting) me remember them all.

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    1. LOL, you have the best cat names. My cats have been called (in order) Oscar, Penny, Alf and Fizz. We don’t have a cat at the moment 😦 – it’s life would be terrorised by a certain dawg in the house!

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  3. I quite like Dewey. She just needs a couple more called Decimal and System. Our favourite as children was a basset called Bertie, but we called him Earp. Can’t remember why. All the best to you all, Glenn included!

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