Christmas card

It’s 60 degrees in Illinois, blawin a hoolie, chuckin’ it doon and we’re under a tornado watch (translation – quite windy and raining). Part of the reason I’m not in the Christmas spirit yet? Mibbae aye, mibbae naw. (Why is she speaking in Scottish I hear you ask?) But I guess the main reason is that my kiddies are no longer kiddies and even though Santa still brings them a new board game every Christmas that we (torturously) force them to play with us, we’re kinda running out of new board games, plus with them both being in college funds are tighter this year so I’ve cut back heaps on prezzies. Which perhaps is the answer to why I’m not in the Christmas spirit yet. *sigh* Wish I hadn’t already eaten all the mincemeat pies that hubby smuggled into the USA for me.

Happy Christmas Bloggers, from a very Un-Festive Alba!

8 thoughts on “Christmas

  1. C’mon matey; could be worse, you could be in the Southern Hemisphere!
    Crazy weather though, we have daffodils in flower in Cornwall! Now that’s definitely not very Christmassy!
    Where d’ya want this piece of cake posted to?

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    1. Is it birthday cake or Christmas cake??? Hah, who am I kidding – I don’t care – it’s cake!!!
      Post it to the Crabbit Yin, Illinois and they’ll know who you mean.
      And yep, crazy weather all round the world – I saw a bee the other day!


  2. We cut back on prezzies a while ago as everyone already seemed to have everything. And yes, it’s more like March here now than December. But we’ve got a tree with twinkling lights and send you loads of glittering Christmas wishes to get you in the spirit.

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