Birthday Dawg

Glenn the Airedale again (Oh no, not ANOTHER post about her dog!!!)

But it’s his birthday…. he’s 2 today! Time to stop eating socks I think Glenn. Yesterday morning I woke up to a lovely ‘present’ underneath the Christmas tree… I thought he’d been a bit quiet the previous evening – he was obviously digesting the latest sock to go missing!

I let the kids name him (Glenn) but my last dog, which was also an Airedale was called Bob the Dog, which in my opinion, is the best name ever for a dog. I really wanted to get a collie this time round just so I could name him Colin the Collie, but I was outvoted in favour of another Airedale.

The first dog I ever had though was called Hutch. Yep, after Starsky & Hutch. Who, I hear the younger readers ask??? In my defence my sister got to name him and she was only 6 when we got him. He was a Bearded Collie and I’ve always wanted to get another but they’re mad. Madder than Airedales and I don’t know if I can handle that kind of energy every day.

I used to work beside a woman who always called her dogs Pierre. Now Pierre is a pretty great name for a French Poodle, but by the time I knew her she was onto Pierre 5 which is kind of weird dontcha think?

Another woman I worked with¬†called her dog Dewey after the Dewey Decimal System – we worked in a library – and somehow that’s even weirder than Pierre No. 5 (sounds like a French perfume)

So now I come to the point of all this rambling… what’s your pet’s name and what has been your favourite pet?