I wish – Weekly Photograph Challenge


If your Fairy Godmother offered you three wishes what would you wish for apart from the obvious World Peace, end to suffering, starvation etc. If you could get three personal wishes for you and only you what would they be?

This is a hard one to think of without being superficial but I think I know what I would wish for from two of my three.

Firstly I wish I could have another conversation with my dad. I would love to tell him all that’s happened since we lost him. I’m sure he’d be the proudest Grandpa in the world when he hears about how happy and well his grandchildren are doing as they enterΒ into adulthood. I hope he’d be proud of me too. He missed more than half of my life when he moved to another country (continent) then when we moved to be near him he died within 2 years. I would love to just go hang out with him for a day, talking and just spending time with him.

My second with would be to have a Transporter (Star Trek for non-nerds) I would love to be able to transport back to Scotland a couple of times a week. I could go for coffee with my friends, I would babysit my nephews, I would shop for all the food I miss. It looks like my son will end up studying Physics for his career – I must tell him to make Transporter technology his number one priority. We could have a big blogging party – how cool would that be?

Being unable to come up with something else at the moment I think I would keep my third wish for an emergency. Nothing like having some money (wishes) in the bank to make you feel safe and secure.

So come on Blogging Friends, what would your three wishes be from the good Fairy Alba?

16 thoughts on “I wish – Weekly Photograph Challenge

  1. Firstly great, image! I love those tiny rainbow catchments of light!

    So you grant me 3 wishes, Fairy Alba? πŸ™‚

    Firstly, I would love to be able to hug my Mom and Dad one more time. Even after loosing my Mom coming up 9 years ago, and my Dad 6, I really do still miss them.

    Secondly I would wish my big brother could get over his illness and ills, wind back the clock for him 3 years ago so he could get another chance at things for a happier outcome.

    Thirdly I would wish for a time machine, not to go forwards but backwards in time to see Stonehenge being planned and built, and many other ancient monuments. And maybe even go back to the the age of the dinosaurs with my camera to take a few shots. Imagine what a blog that would make, lol! πŸ™‚

    Great idea for a post πŸ™‚

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    1. Fabulous wishes Pete πŸ™‚ I’d love to grant your wishes for you.
      I’ll see what I can do πŸ˜‰
      BUT I want to come along in your time machine and photograph the dinosaurs and ancient monuments as well. You could give me photographic advice 😁

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  2. Love the photo.

    I wish I could find the person who said you could only have three wishes! Then wish for another set.

    I’ve started a new paragraph to try and be sensible, but it’s not working. So I would go for the Stan Lee bracelet from Lucky Man. Who wouldn’t wish for permanent good luck?

    I wish I could talk to my Granddad again, and ask him some serious questions, not just the childish ones. He was given a medal from the Irish Government in the 1970’s for things he had done in the IRB during the Easter Rising and the Irish Civil War, but with all the things the IRA were doing in the 70’s, he hid the medal and didn’t tell anybody about it. He shouldn’t have been made to feel that way at his age.

    Good one Alba.

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    1. I’ve never heard of Lucky Man *goes and Googles it*
      I like James Nesbit, was it any good?
      OK if I could give you the lucky bracelet before Monday I would πŸ™‚
      Nice last wish too, I find myself as I get older wanting to know more about my mums life – she left home at 17 and headed for London on her own (where she met my dad who had done the same but from Glasgow) Whereas before I would only be half listening to her as she told us stories now I’m actually encouraging her to tell us more details, not only of her life but of her parents too. Your granddad sound like a very interesting man.
      Excellent wishes Rover 😊


      1. It’s very good. Set in London, so might be a bit ‘foreign’ for American’s at the moment.
        I had really good grandparents, lucky to have known all four, and my kids have grown up knowing their four grandparents as well. Very uncommon.


  3. Love the photo Alba and also your wishes. Very heartfelt. I’d love to have another conversation with my mum too, as she was when she was 50, just like I am now, woman to woman. As for the rest, health, wealth and happiness would suffice but I think I’ve exceeded my quota now. 😏 Great post.

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  4. When my mum died I looked back, when my father died I looked within and forward.

    Not going to tell you about my wishes but will tell you a story you may know. In the olden days a man and his wife was travelling afoot and he became very hungry. He saw a mermaid in the water who transformed into the good fairy Alba. When she realized he saw her she gave him 3 wishes. As he was hungry he automatically wished for a plate of food which much include his favourite dish sausage. And poof a plate of food appeared before him. His wife was furious an belittled him for his stupidity saying he could have wished for a sack of gold with which he could buy millions of plates, but he is no good idiot which can’t think further than his nose. Into he got so made and said: I wish this sausage was stuck to you nose! And poof it was stuck to her nose. When he realized what he he done he asked her input regarding the 3rd wish. Do you want me to wish for a sack of gold of must I wish that the sausage isn’t stuck to your nose anymore…?

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    1. Haha… that’s some story Abrie πŸ˜„ If you wish for the sack of gold then you can pay someone to cut the sausage of her nose πŸ˜‰
      Plus some good philosophy there about your looking forward and not back.

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