A blog… I used to have a blog…

Hi Blogging friends,

Life is stressful and hectic and not always fun at the moment, hence my lack of blogging, but I thought you would want to see the latest addition to my (extended) family.

This is Pup. Daughter broke up with her boyfriend and got a puppy. Good call daughter. 🙂

Flynn lowres

Dawg loves him. Dawg loves him maybe a little TOO much. Dawg doesn’t care Pup is also a boy dog. I think it’s time for Dawg to get neutered….



9 thoughts on “A blog… I used to have a blog…

  1. Good to see you back! Have always enjoyed your posts.
    I used to have a blog too… health issues have gotten in the way.
    In my mind I have written several hundred, thousand perhaps million but just can’t get to put them in the computer.
    Promise myself to try harder.

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