Interview with my dog

Not that I’m a big tea-leaf (thief) but when other people have great ideas, whether it’s in photography, graphic design or blogging, I’m all up for *ahem* borrowing that idea and making it my own.

My blogging friend Curtis ( does an interview thingy on a Thursday which I love so I thought to myself “Self, you should do that! Why don’t you interview the dog?” Anyway, I apologise to Curtis for stealing his ideas, plus his blog is so much more interesting than mine, so I’m not really all that sorry actually but here goes….

Hello Dawg, how are you today?

Hello Alba, I’m very well thank you. I’ve had a busy day though.

Daughter stopping dog from chasing squirrels!
Daughter stopping dog from chasing squirrels!

Oh, what have you been up to today then?

Well, first of all when they inhumanely FORCED me to get out of bed at the crack of 10 o’clock they threw me outside to do my business (I like my bed in the morning!) But it’s all good. Today there were squirrels so I had a fine time chasing them and barking. Then Buster next door joined in so we had a pretty good (loud) conversation going until SHE forced me back in.

Doesn’t she like you talking to the neighbours?

I don’t think she minds the talking to the neighbours, but Buster and I have a ‘loudest bark’ competiton going on, which I think I’m winning by a woof!

Ah, I see. So tell me dog, how did you spend the rest of your morning?

It was pretty boring actually. She walked me but it was a pitiful excuse for a walk. Only 1 mile today and not a squirrel or other dog in sight. But then when I came back I tried to help her in the garden by digging holes. She is very ungrateful you know. I was only trying to help her. How was I supposed to know what was a weed and what wasn’t? Anyway I need a place to hide my toys!

So why can't I bury my toys exactly???
So why can’t I bury my toys exactly???

After my busy morning it was time for a nap. You should hear the way she shouts at me at nap-time. I mean I’m human too and couches and sofa’s are for human’s aren’t they?

Get Aff The Couch.... that's all I EVER HEAR!!!
Get Aff The Couch…. that’s all I EVER HEAR!!!

How about the rest of your day? Did you do anything fun in the afternoon?

No, not really. I mean it was more of the same. I chased some birds that came to the bird feeder. I dug some more holes when she wasn’t watching. I stole some food off her plate at lunchtime. I ripped another hole in my blanket. You know, the usual dog-type stuff.

Har, har. I laugh in the face of danger and dance with coyotes and death! I'm bad to the bone!!!
Har, har. I laugh in the face of danger and dance with coyotes and death! I’m bad to the bone!!!

Well, I’d like to thank you for taking time off from your busy schedule to answer my questions. Do you mind if I post some photographs of you?

Not at all. I’m very photogenic. She says that if I wasn’t “so darned cute” she’d send me off to play with the coyotes. Not sure what she means by that, but if I’m going to be in the coyote gang I want a black leather jacket with ‘DAWG’ studded across the back of it!

5 thoughts on “Interview with my dog

  1. Such a beauty of a beast. Well done interview. You really were fortunate to have gained access to this reclusive international canine celebrity who I have read never grants access to personal interviews. The level of self disclosure you were able to illicit is remarkable. 🙂

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