I’m back…

Interview with a vampire Alba.

Hello Alba, what’s happening in Alba-land?
Hello Alba, oh my! Where do you want me to start?

Well how about where have you been for the past (quickly looks for last blog post) 5 months?
5 months!!! That’s rubbish 😦 I should probably win an award for least productive blogger. If I have any followers left, thanks for sticking around!
So, not to bore y’all, my last 5 months in a condensed version have been – working hard on my new website design business, catching up with family, going on a road trip for a big anniversary (which hopefully I’ll blog about with photographs… if I ever get round to editing them!), and the biggie… husband getting a new job, selling our house in Illinois and moving to Ohio.

Oh wow, how is Ohio then?
Cold! But so far so good. I think I’m going to like it here. Luckily I can work from anywhere so the move isn’t affecting my job. The people seem really friendly, plus I keep getting asked my age when I buy wine. It’s the little things that make you happy. 😉 Hmmm, that makes you sound like I’m buying it every day… I’ve bought it twice. 😀

Do you have a new house then?
Yes, but it’s only a temporary home until we decide whereabouts in Ohio we want to live. It’s a bit of a squeeze though, fitting a 4 bedroomed house into a 2 bedroomed apartment. 😉 We’re at the age now where we want to downsize though, so it’s all good.

Can we expect more blogs from you now?
Ermmmm, mumble, mumble… YES, of course! 😉

Anyway the important last question. How is Dawg?
Dawg is fine. He misses his huge back garden and chasing squirrels, but he is loving all the extra walks. He was great at travelling and had his first ever overnight stay in a hotel, where he only barked 3 times. Well, who knows what kind of giant squirrels were outside the hotel room door! The only thing Dawg isn’t liking is the fact there’s no carpet in the living room. He thinks he’s allowed to sit on the couch or sleep on the bed now… don’t tell anyone, but when hubby isn’t here, I let him. ❤

Lake Erie
Lake Erie
Lake Erie

The abominable snowdog

Glenn23 lowres

After days of warning we finally got hit by 8″ of snow yesterday. Not quite Snowmaggedon or the Snowpocalypse that the North Eastern States have been getting but still a lot of fun for a half-dog-half-yeti.

Not so much fun for humans who have to drive in it like I was forced to last night. 30mph on the Interstate for an hour and a half to get home from a concert. A journey that normally takes 30 minutes! The best part about the drive? Being overtaken by lorries (trucks) when you can’t even see where the sides of the road are. I could hear them in their cabs going “mmmwhahahah” as their song of choice – ‘Highway to Hell’ was blasting out of their radios!

I’m now trying to convince my pup he would be happier as a Husky instead of an Airedale…. then he could take me to the supermarket by sleigh. Sorted!

My extra gravity

My husband always says I have extra gravity round about me….

That’s why I always drop things (especially things like eggs when I’m cooking), trip over non-existant objects and fall down a lot.

In my last job my friend I shared an office with reckoned she could always tell it was me who came in the room. The door was behind her and there were 2 small steps up into the office and she used to feel the whoosh of air and then the tripping sound and reckon, yep that’s her back from lunch.

Let’s not even begin to talk about the time I stabbed myself in the chin with a scalpel (doing a paste-up) or when I lifted down a tub from a high shelf and discovered it was full of water – I have to say she was very good then and didn’t even laugh at my impromptu shower (out loud!).

So this weekend I was off on yet another university visit with my High School Senior and it was a pretty important visit for him because it was an invited thingy for a full-ride scholarship. What did his klutz of a mother do…? She just went and fell on a patch of ice under the melting snow and landed in a puddle! I had to sit all the way through a fancy lunch with a soaking wet bum!!! Nobody could tell… that is until I stood up and had to dry off the seat. How to make a good impression 😉 You’ll be pleased to know that I’m OK though – I have plenty of padding…