New Year’s Resolutions

Well the blogging thing is going well……….. not!!!

The photography thing is also going well……… again not!!!

But at least I’m doing not too bad with the healthy eating kick and the exercise! Went back to Zumba for the first time in months and I DIDN’T DIE…. so I’m counting that as a major success! Also resumed my swimming, but I have a major problem with swimming in that I hate other people being in the pool with me. When I go to the pool I really want to be able to reserve the whole thing JUST FOR ME!! Is that being selfish? Hell Yeah!!! Not sure what’s worse though – all the old biddies who stand about in groups chatting or the water-walkers…. actually both are just as bad as I have to swim round both these kinds of people. I also hate people who can swim front crawl (freestyle) really well. I can totally swim breast-stroke and back-stroke fine, but when it comes to front-crawl I’m like a dying duck in the water, gasping for air and blinded, even with goggles on!

Oops, this has kind of turned into a rant, and it was really supposed to be about the death of New Year Resolutions.

My new New Year’s resolution – I must not rant on blogs!