The abominable snowdog

Glenn23 lowres

After days of warning we finally got hit by 8″ of snow yesterday. Not quite Snowmaggedon or the Snowpocalypse that the North Eastern States have been getting but still a lot of fun for a half-dog-half-yeti.

Not so much fun for humans who have to drive in it like I was forced to last night. 30mph on the Interstate for an hour and a half to get home from a concert. A journey that normally takes 30 minutes! The best part about the drive? Being overtaken by lorries (trucks) when you can’t even see where the sides of the road are. I could hear them in their cabs going “mmmwhahahah” as their song of choice – ‘Highway to Hell’ was blasting out of their radios!

I’m now trying to convince my pup he would be happier as a Husky instead of an Airedale…. then he could take me to the supermarket by sleigh. Sorted!