WPC: Dense (fog)

Although I’ve visited quite a few US cities now, my favourite is still Chicago. I love the vibe and atmosphere of the place. It reminds me a lot of Glasgow in Scotland, another of my favourite cities. This week’s photography challenge is ‘Dense’ so what sprung to mind was some of the dense fogs that roll in off Lake Michigan. So here is a few foggy Chicago shots followed by some clear shots of the same city skyline for comparison.

Chicago misty

Foggy Chicago skyline, taken from Navy Pier


Foggy Navy Pier taken from Chicago shoreline


Foggy Skyscraper in Chicago


Same viewpoint as the first photograph with no fog

Chicago yellow 8x10

Taken on a different day after the weekly fireworks display, which left the sky an amazing yellow colour.



Woke up today to a world filled with mist. Perfect for this weeks Photo Challenge theme of ambience… unfortunately I forgot for a short time where I actually live! There’s very little of scenic value in East Central Illinois. My visions of rolling hills shrouded in mist with spooky shadowed trees and mysterious silhouettes and spooky ambience weren’t going to happen. Anyway I fired up the imps in the camera (Terry Pratchett refernce for non-Pratchett fans) and headed out this morning to go photograph Ambient Stuff.

Firstly I visited the lake where I did manage to snap a few shots that, whilst not exactly what I wanted, turned out OK.

Then I headed off to the graveyard, but by this time the mist was starting to lift a little bit so didn’t get the shots I wanted there either.


Oh well, it got me out with my camera, plus more importantly I had fun shooting randomly again. I haven’t been out without purpose or intent to shoot anything for months and I forgot how much fun it is wandering around with a camera.

Happy shooting everyone. Go take your camera for a walk.


Stormy weather

It’s spot the crazy foreigner time… we’re the ones out in the storm going “Ooooh! Ahhhh!” whilst the tornado siren is going off in the background. The first time a tornado warning went off after we moved to the US we went rushing out to the deck with our ice-creams to watch the sky.


Actually these photos were all taken from a moving vehicle – don’t worry, I wasn’t driving – so the quality isn’t the best but it was such a cool storm I had to snap it.


Love the storms we get here in the Mid-West. They’re so…. trying to think of a good word for it…. monumental. That’s a good word! But most of the time they bluster out in about an hour or so.


Anyway we beat it home – my mum was driving like a bat out of hell. She didn’t want her new car to be dinged by the hail!!!


Had to post-process at least ONE of them with a bit of OTT Photoshopping.

As a PS, I know tornados and storms are not a laughing matter for the people affected by them so no offence meant.

Herding rabbits and show-jumping dogs

Dawg discovered how to jump fences this weekend which means all the parts of the garden (backyard) that were fenced off to prevent him from digging holes/escape tunnels/pulling out all the bushes are now fair game.  

He also discovered a nest of baby rabbits but luckily he was too stupid to realise they were chaseable and just stood wagging his tail and sniffing at them.   
 I managed to move 4 of them out of his reach and rehomed them under a bush but I’m not actually 100% certain that I didn’t keep herding the same two back all weekend as I only ever saw two at the same time! 

Anyway they were tiny and cute and I’m hoping they survived and are not lunch for some other bigger animals. Dawg is now on rabbit patrol as well as squirrel patrol. 

Love spring time but please can we have some sunshine? Enough with the Scottish weather Illinois – I already feel at home here. No need to keep raining to remind me of what I’m missing!

Photo 101: Home – it smells like rain

rain leaves

Why does home smell like rain?

Well I’ve been living in the Mid-West USA for nearly 6 years now but home is Scotland (the country, not the small Mid-West town) and I am still in love with the weather here – real snow and hot summers and very little rain! Whenever it’s a dull grey day we always say to each other “Aye, it’s a guid Scottish day today!” and I can always smell whenever it’s going to rain. The rain is very rarely persistent all-day ‘dreich’ rain like we get back home in Scotland. It’s mostly the Monsoon-type where it pours down then just as suddenly stops. So to have a rainy day (like today – just when I wanted a nice day to start the Photo 101 course) is very unusual. That’s why home smells like rain.

As an aside, the Mid-West is not the most photogenic of places, but I’m going to try and take fresh photographs every day and not use any of my stock of old ones. Last year I was a newbie blogger and did the Photo 101 but sometimes reverted back to here’s one I did earlier – check out last year’s interpretation of ‘home’ here https://alba1047.wordpress.com/2015/03/02/photography-101-home/ Scotland, one of the most beautiful countries in the world (although Wales comes in close, eh D?) 😉