WPC: Dense (fog)

Although I’ve visited quite a few US cities now, my favourite is still Chicago. I love the vibe and atmosphere of the place. It reminds me a lot of Glasgow in Scotland, another of my favourite cities. This week’s photography challenge is ‘Dense’ so what sprung to mind was some of the dense fogs that roll in off Lake Michigan. So here is a few foggy Chicago shots followed by some clear shots of the same city skyline for comparison.

Chicago misty

Foggy Chicago skyline, taken from Navy Pier


Foggy Navy Pier taken from Chicago shoreline


Foggy Skyscraper in Chicago


Same viewpoint as the first photograph with no fog

Chicago yellow 8x10

Taken on a different day after the weekly fireworks display, which left the sky an amazing yellow colour.


WPC: atop


I love driving around the countryside and finding out-of-the-way quirky places and stumbling across objects that just beg to get photographed. Oh all right, I love driving around the countryside getting lost and stumbling across hidden gems. I’ve been chased away from rambling old, falling-down houses before, even though I’m not actually inside the property, I just stop outside to take photographs but I’m very aware of ‘no trespassing’ here in the USA so I usually just leave when asked. Because guns, ya know! Anyway I came across this wee still life all ready to shoot and process at a local vineyard. This one I printed off on canvas and have hanging in my house.


I have also printed this and sold this one. Saw it at a local orchard and again it begged to be photographed and processed. Love the colours here.


Stumbled across this gem in the middle of nowhere, Illinois. I didn’t actually get out of my car to take this photograph because I’m a chicken. I was listening for the sound of banjos all the time. Isn’t it a beauty though? I wish I had been brave enough to walk up and say “Hey, can I take photographs?” With my Scottish accent I might have gotten away with it….

Anyway that’s all I have for ‘atop’ and it really is only the first photograph that is actually on theme. Oh well, some weeks are like that.

Have a good one!

Photo 101: Street

As I said yesterday, I don’t live in the most photogenic place, and as an interloper I don’t have any particular fondness for the town I live in. Plus the main street is a feast of McDonalds, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and Subways. Around the town square it’s a little bit more photogenic with second hand bookstores, pubs, lawyers offices with canopies, coffee shops and a big courthouse slap-bang in the middle of it all. But it still wasn’t very inspiring for photographs. So I took myself off to a nearby town that seems to be stuck in the past. As I was walking around snapping shots I could totally picture when the street used to be made of dirt instead of tar and they tied up their horses in front of the saloon instead of parking their ginormous trucks!


With that thought in mind I did a little Photoshopping to create the look I had in my head – I even removed the lampost…

Greenup street aged

Yeah, I don’t have enough real work to do today. Off to see if I can find any cowboys now!

5 Years in the USA :-)

5 years ago today we moved to the USA. Some of our friends thought we were mad, (some probably still do) some thought we wouldn’t stick it out and be right back, and most of them called us ‘brave’ for trying out life here in America. Certainly it’s a lot different from our life back in Scotland but I wouldn’t change a minute of the rollercoaster ride that has been our life for the last 5 years.

We’ve had wonderful highs – kids have both graduated from High School now and are in college – one Senior and one Freshman this fall (autumn). I’ve started my own business – which NEVER would have happened if we’d stayed in Scotland and we’ve managed to tick off a fair amount of places in the USA we’ve visited.

We’ve had some incredible lows too – the death of my dad in 2012 and the death of my mother-in-law in March this year, not to mention both my pets I brought with me from Scotland. Yes, pets are important family members too in our house. But I also have a brand new baby nephew (in Scotland) and a new puppy here so life does go on.

And I now have a whole new set of friends here in the USA as well as managing to keep the friends I had back in Scotland. It takes effort to keep in touch with faraway friends, but it’s totally worth it when you go home and get to catch up with people who have know you for a long time.

Would I recommend it to anyone else. Yes. 100% go for it. If we didn’t make the move when it became available to us we’d always have been sitting thinking ‘what if’….

"When you go, will you send back, a letter from America? Take a look at the railtrack, from Miami to Canada."
“When you go, will you send back, a letter from America?
Take a look at the railtrack, from Miami to Canada.”