Photo 101: Double

Today I drove around the countryside looking for two of something to photograph – 2 grain bins, 2 hay bales, heck even 2 birds and I’d have been happy, but nope. Couldn’t find anything at all except train tracks (which have been done to death!) but in the interests of the rules (my rules that is) of a new photograph every day that’s all I could come up with.

train tracks

Our weather is so stormy just now, 2 minutes after taking this photograph another thunderbolts and lighting, very very frightening storm erupted!

Anyway rather than turn the photograph on it’s edge, which I’ve done before (I’ll attach a shot at the end) I turned the camera for a portrait version of the tracks. Yes, I know… it IS kinda cheating.

train tracks2

And here’s one I did last year where I DID turn the photograph 90 degrees….

Gareth 28 4x6