What a brilliant 4 day weekend I’ve just had partying with family. There was food. There was wine. There was (bad) singing. There was (awesome) dancing. There was even a mini Ceilidh in the basement! There was a birthday (sister), 2 if you count the dog. THERE WAS CAKE! There was a photoshoot in 7 degree Farenheit (-13c UK friends). There was a surprise visit from a nephew and of course there was a graduation!

I’m a very proud mum now and to quote Dr. Seuss, which is quite appropriate for a newly-minted teacher

You’re off to great places!

Today is your day!

Your mountain is waiting, 

So get on your way!


Sometimes I feel like I’m missing too much when I’ve always got my face stuck behind a camera so this time I did a quick photoshoot the day before graduation then on the actual day I took a few snaps with my compact camera then gathered up all the rest of the family’s pics from their phones. I wanted to savour the day and enjoy the ceremony without worrying about focusing and the light. As a good friend once said to me “The best memories aren’t taken with your camera, they’re taken with your eyes and mind”.