The Dancers

Ballet lowres

Dance like nobody’s watching.

Love like you’ve never been hurt.

Sing like nobody’s listening.

Live like it’s heaven on Earth.

Whilst photographing the graffitied wall art in Miami I was in the right place at the right time to capture these 2 ballet dancers . A serendipitous moment indeed.

People watching in Florida

I love people watching, especially with my camera, but need to be careful and use my ninja-skills when shooting them. I’ve been clocked, totally caught red-handed, a few times but luckily no-one has asked me to stop. Anyway here are some people shots from my holidays. People are great aren’t they?

Miami street 3 lowres
Contemplating the sunset
Miami street 2 lowres
Miami fashion
Miami street 1 lowres
Too much….?!?
Miami street 4 lowres
Searching for treasure
Miami street 5 lowres
Love’s young dream
Miami street 6 lowres
It’s a hard life for some
Miami street 7 lowres
Beach, bar, music…. does life get any better than this?
Miami street 10 lowres
Strolling the boardwalk in Miami
Miami street 9 lowres
Beach Volleyball
Miami street 8 lowres
YMCA anyone?

Noo Yoik

Last set of uploads from New York (I promise!) even though I have hundreds more. I don’t want to be boring. Plus I have another big trip planned in a couple of weeks…. ssshhhh, it’s a secret!

New York 56
The Flat Iron Building

I would have loved to have been a couple of feet to the left but that would have meant hovering hundreds of feet up in the air off the side of the Empire State Building, and even though I have MANY special powers hovering in mid-air isn’t one of them (unfortunately)!

*edited – left? I mean right of course. I think I have left-right dyslexia. All I ever hear from my family and friends is “NO, your OTHER right!”

New York 64
Bryant Park Coffee Shop

Just sitting watching the world go by. Is there anything more fun than people watching? I think not. Mind you when I people-watch I try to avoid eye-contact, but sometimes the inevitable happens. I think I’m a magnet for weirdos and nutters. I have so many stories about being approached by strangers and the strange things that happen to me…. another time for those stories perhaps.

New York 68
Brooklyn Bridge

Didn’t get to walk across unfortuantely. One of my friends we met up with in New York actually had a broken leg so we tried to make it as easy as possible for her with the amount of walking we did. Mind you I still managed to average 18,000 steps a day! She didn’t do that many steps before I get accused of cruelty to the broken-legged. She taxied a lot of places where I would walk with my other friends. One photograph I would have loved to have taken was of this bridge at night with the skyscrapers in the background but that photo has been done to death anyway, by much better photographers than me.

New York 55
Building advertisments

Not a black and white but I really love old advertising, especially on the side of buildings. I actually have a plan in my head to do a graphic design of all the New York street signs (yep, I took tons of photographs of them too!) and make them into a sort of collage. That project will take me a wee while to complete but until then, goodbye from Noo Yoik!