Solitude: Weekly photo challenge

Well, seeing as I’ve already done ‘Solitude’ twice before (last year it was a cop-out due to domestic crises and new fridges) but the first year was my favourite solitude shot

Anyway, apart from a small moan about the same theme again, here’s my take on Solitude this time round. These were taken 3 years ago on a fabby trip to Las Vegas. I really didn’t think I would like it at all but I loved it! Oh, I knew I would like the Grand Canyon but I wasn’t sure about the casinos and hotels and Strip but it was fantastic. I’d go back in a hearbeat. And I didn’t gamble. Much. I didn’t actually pluck up the courage to put $20 in a slot machine till the last evening, and 1 hour later I was $300 up. Yes, I walked away. You can take the Scot out of Scotland, but you can’t take the money out of Vegas…. or something along those lines.

Me Grand Canyon lowres
The loneliness of the long distance photographer. Hmmm, that’s not right!?!

Some more Grand Canyon shots thrown in for your perusal.



Photo 101: Solitude

Gosh darn it (American version)…. talk about hectic days and running out of time!!! BUT I was determined not to use an old shot and take a new one every day so I apologise in advance for the iphone shot. If only work didn’t have to get in the way of pleasure. Oh and add in a piano tuner, a new fridge delivery, 2 kids home for Spring Break from college and you get the picture of how my day is going!

Glenn solitude2
Where did that squirrel go???

So solitude – here is my puppy playing all by himself out the back door (backyard for Americans). He feels the need to do a lap of his boundaries to check for invading squirrels and other varmits. Then will bark at every stray leaf blown onto the grass and of course Buster, the neighbours (neighbors) dog and him will have a barking competition.

Anway I know it’s a bit pathetic, but hey… at least I’ve thrown something up here 😉

Is it too early for wine?

ps. Luuuuuurrrrrve my new fridge 😀

Photography 101: Solitude

Mairi beach2 lowres

Perfect Solitude – an empty beach on a lovely summer’s day.

What would make it even more perfect is a hammock, a good book, a cockytail and a Cabana Boy.  (What is a Cabana Boy anyway? I’m not sure, but I think I want one!)