A wee bit rusty round the edges

I actually joined a different Zumba class a couple of weeks ago – it was a Zumba Gold class which means less jumping but it’s still a good workout and loads of fun. I think I’m probably the youngest in the class, which although is good for my ego also makes me realise how fit and fun all these older women (and one man) are! They are having a blast, whooping at all the songs, singing, dancing, living life to the full and enjoying every minute of┬álife. I looked at them an realised that it isn’t so bad after all this getting older lark.

Confession time…. I have a big birthday coming up at the beginning of May. What??? I hear you ask! But you sound SO young! Well I know that age is only a number and as Janis Joplin said “the older the grape, the sweeter the wine.”

Like me this car has seen better days, is a bit rusty round the edges and could do with a wee bit of TLC….

Rusty car lowres

“The longer I live the more beautiful life becomes”…. Frank Lloyd Wright