WPC: Bridge

This weeks theme is ‘bridge’ but rather than trawl through my archives finding pics of bridges (and there are many many pics of bridges!) I decided to head out and re-photograph one of my favourite bridges in this area.

Older photograph taken 4 years ago

The Jackson Truss covered bridge is located just west of Greenup, Illinois and is a re-creation of a bridge built in 1832, which legend says Abraham Lincoln helped build along with his father and cousin.

Covered bridge2

The original wooden span was constructed in 1832, but was washed out in 1865. Ferry service provided crossing until a steel replacement was constructed in 1875. Unfortunately, that bridge was also washed out in 1912. Again, intermittent ferry service served the area until 1920 when a 3-span girder bridge was completed. In 1996, the eastern pier was severely damaged due to flooding. A grant was applied for to construct a historic looking covered bridge to replace the damaged one.

Covered bridge3

The recreation was designed to carry modern day vehicle loads, including semi-trucks, this 200 foot single span structure is reported to be the longest covered timber bridge in the US without posted restrictions.

Covered bridge1

Costing 2.8 million dollars to construct and funded by Federal and State funds, the old structure was demolished and removed in November of 1998 and in spring of 2001, the new bridge was commemorated.
A patent from the original bridge truss aided in the design of the new bridge. Walking inside the bridge one is astounded by the size of the large timbers and the visible construction techniques used.

The new bridge has a story board and observation deck on the west bank and is open to both vehicle and foot traffic.


And as all that information is far too serious (I hope you’ve been paying attention – there will be a quiz later!) here’s an added bonus of a photograph of an orchard I stopped at to buy peaches on the way home.

WPC: Earth

In celebration of Earth Day today (22nd April) the weekly photo challenge this week was to show what ‘earth’ means to us. I’ve been very fortunate to have visited some amazing places around the world, which have quite literally taken my breath away, and could quite easily have posted dozens of photographs that mean ‘earth’ to me… BUT, my favourite places in the world nearly all have a common theme to them. I’m fascinated and drawn to water, whether it’s the ocean, waterfall, river or burn (stream)(or creek here in the USA).

Ever since I was young you couldn’t keep me away from water. When we used to go for a day out as a family my parents would drop me off at the local swimming pool and go do whatever they did when they visited a new town then come back and pick me up in an hour or two. Also growing up in the countryside I was never far from a river and playing stepping-stones inevitably led to falling in and wet feet. As an adult and living close to the sea on the west coast of Scotland I used to drive the 10 minutes to the seaside and walk the dog or jog along the promenade if I was feeling energetic. When my kids were born it was a fantastic excuse to go rock-pooling at the beach again and go fishing for minnows in the burn.

My happy place is always beside some form of water or other so I thought that throwing some photographs up of water fit in this week’s theme well. Anyway here’s a selection of water shots from my archives.

The River Doon in Alloway, Scotland

The bridge in the photograph above is the famous ‘Brig O’Doon’ in Ayrshire where Tam O’Shanter escaped from the witches in the Robert Burns poem ‘Tam O’Shanter’ by crossing the stream (seemingly witches can’t cross running water. Good to know!)

River pebbles at Glencoe

The kids all decided to climb one of the Three Sisters mountains at Glencoe and we waited for them at the bottom so decided to go for a paddle. The water was F-R-E-E-Z-I-N-G so we didn’t paddle for long!

Ayrshire sunset

Sunset at Troon with a bag of chips. Nothing more to add really!

Beautiful Florida beach

Breakfast with a view. My sister is lucky enough to live on the Gulf coast of Florida so visiting her we can go out to a beach restaurant and enjoy spectacular views like this for free.

Kauai sea
Kauai seascape

Beautiful Kauai. I’ve done a few posts before about my Hawaiian adventures but don’t think I’ve used this photograph. The rock formations formed perfect steps and watching the waves come over and cascade down in mini waterfalls was mesmerising.

sea cave 2 lowres
Sea caves in Kauai

I could have stood there all day and just watched the power and majesty of the ocean battering into the cliffs at Kilauea, it was just wonderful. “Wow!” as my sister said every five minutes when we would find another gorgeous thing to look at.

Kauai beach
Kauai beach

And finally a beach photograph. It really is good for the soul to sit and watch the ocean/sea/river/waterfall/burn/puddle. Well, maybe not puddle…

I should have been a mermaid.


The Resolving is going well (not!)

So the 365 (photo a day) is more like a 360 now. I AM trying to take more photographs, but life has the interfering habit of getting in the way. I guess it’s better than the alternative though.

Anyway here are this weeks photos

Airtight bridge

Airtight Bridge, Illinois.

I had seen this bridge on another photographers website and though to myself “self, you gotta go there” so I Google-mapped it last week and set out to find it… in the middle of nowhere! Over rough dirt roads and cornfields (not actually driving OVER the cornfields I hasten to add, I stayed on the roads) and I finally come into this wooded area and down a steep hill and there the bridge was. I parked the car, got out and started shooting, but I have to say I felt a bit uneasy and spooked while I was there. 10minutes later and I’d had enough, resolving to come back with my DSLR (I only had my compact for these pics) and maybe with another person. Getting home I showed my daughter the photographs and she informed me it’s a well-known haunt for local college students and there had actually been a murder committed there a couple of years ago!!! Spooky is the word!

Embarras river lowres

Embarras River, Illinois

Same place as the Airtight Bridge shot, but winter in Illinois is dreich (to borrow a Scottish word) so I messed around a bit in Photoshop to make it look more interesting.

Birds lunching

A Chickadee and Titmouse having a quiet lunch together

It’s blooming freezing here in Illinois so I’ve been making sure my bird feeders are filled up. It’s party time at my house now! I really need to get a longer lens though – this is a huge crop as I’m hiding behind the curtain at the patio doors so not only am I trying to shoot birds with a 90mm lens, I’m also shooting through the glass door. I should treat myself… now to work on hubby so he doesn’t have a heart attack when I tell him how much the lens I want to buy costs…

And that’s about it then for this week photographically-wise. Other resolutions are going OKish. Still haven’t eaten any chocolate, went swimming and walking every other day and haven’t given in to the temptation to hibernate. I’m counting this week as a win.

A footnote – RIP David Bowie, the soundtrack to my youth.

Photography 101: Water


Chicago – my favourite (or should I say favorite) city in the USA.

I had hoped to do an original shot for the ‘water’ theme, but once again I ran out of time. Not enough hours in the day unfortunately.

Anyway sharing my photo of the Chicago River – hope you like it.

Need to go one time on St. Patrick’s Day when they dye the river green – that would be cool to see!