New Year (new me?)… Nah!

Greeting Bloggers,

How goes it in the land of Blog? I have missed all your lovely blogs lately but hopefully I’ll do better now (sounds like my school report card – Alba could do better!) I’m definitely going to go back to the Weekly Photo Challenge and hoping to blog in-between as well. No New Year resolutions for me this year though, they just get broken… although last year I did manage to log into MyFitnessPal every single day. Every. Single. Day. Are you impressed? I’m not saying I actually lost any weight, plus some days I might only have logged my breakfast, but I did it, and still am. I’m currently at 375 days in a row. Go me!! This year I just intend to eat healthily, work out a couple of times a week (I’m just back in from my first cycle ride in months today and even though it was a close-run thing, I didn’t puke up my lunchtime lentil soup. It was touch and go for a moment, but I didn’t disgrace myself. I do have jelly legs now, but stomach is fine) plus keep working away. I would love to say I could make enough money for my husband to retire, but that isn’t going to happen. Not that I want him hanging around the house God forbid, but he can go get a less stressful job as a golf-course greenkeeper, tiling bathrooms or raising chickens (all things he’d be pretty good at but won’t make us rich).

Anyway as this is supposed to be a photography blog here’s a few pics from my Ne’erday celebrations and a short trip we had to Chicago to meet up with 4 Scottish friends who came over to the US to celebrate one of their birthdays. Unfortunately the birthday boy got stopped at the US Immigration in Dublin and got questioned so long him and his wife missed the flight (thanks Immigration!) but they manged to get here the next day in time for the train back down to my house. They’ll laugh about it eventually….

We made up for it on Hogmanay with a party night at a local hotel and loads of fun, laughter, (bad) singing and good food (when I wasn’t cooking anyway). Christmas was also good – spending time with my wee family, Skyping or FaceTiming my extended family and of course eating far too much (that would have been one of my breakfast only days on MyFitnessPal)

I hope you all had a lovely festive season and are raring to go in 2018. Cheers everyone!

Hogmanay Shenanigans
Kinda ironic this was the view from my hotel window seeing as one of my friends wasn’t allowed through US Immigration!
Chicago at night


Golf rules

Stylish golf shoes are essential for good play

If I played golf then a few rules would need to be changed….

No-one would get in trouble for doing wheelies or doughnuts with their golf carts on the fairway.

Nor for driving over the sandpits (or bunkers as other golfers INSIST on calling them) Also wouldn’t it be lovely if the players before you left a wee message written in the sand? Or a wee sandcastle?

Nor for driving through the ponds as fast as the cart would go (obviously MY cart would have Batmobile-type extras and also be a hovercraft for those deeper ponds) Got to check for those lurking alligators/sea-monsters you know. They lurk around golf courses.

Lurking alligator

Then for every hole you finish the final putt should set off some kind of event. Like a flock of doves flying out the hole. Or a fountain going off. Then at the 18th hole fireworks.

Now when Mr. Alba talks about retiring to live in a golf community I’ll be all “EXCELLENT IDEA HONEY!”

Golf. Woohoo. Time to party!!


Hey Alba, What happened to the pic-a-day resolution thingy?


Did you fail? That’s the point of resolutions though isn’t it? What about the walking the dog/exercise every day one then?


OK, keep your hair on! Did you keep ANY of your resolutions?

“Yes, I’ve still not eaten any chocolate this year”

Well, that’s a stupid resolution….

“I know” Insert miserable expression here.