WPC: Dange

Question: Why is my ‘R’ not working in the title? It’s working in the post field? RrRrRrRr – see! Are R’s dangerous? I suppose it depends on who’s doing the R-ing. *sigh* I’ve had Internet troubles all week and now it looks like I’m having keyboard trouble.

Anyway the post. Danger. A week late.

A dangerous beastie!

Never trust a smile on a crocodile. Except this is an alligator. Don’t trust them either… they’re pretty dodgy too.


Is this my best side?
Is this my best side?

Why are lizards and reptiles cute, but snails, slugs and worms not? (and don’t get me started on maggots *bleaurgh*)

Maybe it’s the slimeyness of them (crunchy, not slimy) or the look of them… or maybe it’s the time I stood on a slug in my bare feet and it squished up between my toes. Everyone was looking at me as if I’d lost my head when I was jumping backwards, hopping about and rubbing one foot on the carpet like a bull before charging going “AHH!! AHH!! AHH!!”. Yep, could be that.

Anyway lizards ARE cute.