Sock Monkeys and Giant Mice

Wildlife photography is something that I wish I could do much better. I’ve attempted to shoot, with a camera – see previous blog, the birds that come to my feeder out the back door (backyard) but only having a 90mm lens it’s pretty hard to get any decent results.

The birds round here are pretty cool anyway. We have Turkey Vultures, Owls, loads of Hawky-type birds as well as tons of Woodpeckers, but I still get excited when I see the bigger birds and feel the need to point them out to whomever is nearby at the time. Have to say Dawg isn’t very enthusiastic about me pointing them out to him if I don’t let him out to chase them!

Well one day I was driving along with my teenage son in the car only half paying attention to what he was saying when he pointed out a Hawky-type bird to me, but because I was keeping my eye on the road and couldn’t really hear him correctly I THOUGHT he said “There’s a sock monkey up that tree”

Why I would think he said Sock Monkey I have no idea, but from that day onwards all hawky-type birds have been Sock Monkeys….

Another strange thing to us now that we live in the USA is the variety of mammals – we are used to rabbits, squirrels and haggis in Scotland, but here you get all sorts. My favourite are the raccoons. That is until you get close to them and they turn into Tasmanian Devils a’la Bugs Bunny! But they look like tiny cute furry robbers so I like them anyway.

My 5 year old nephew was visiting last summer and he shouts out “Look, a giant mouse!!” whilst pointing at, well actually, I’m not sure WHAT it was. It certainly looked like a giant mouse, but was probably a possum or something. But from then on, yep, you’ve guessed it. All furry creatures that aren’t squirrels (squiggles) or raccoons are giant mice!

Here is a photograph from last year of the tiny robbers stealing the bird food from the sock monkeys 🙂