WPC: Collage

A Chicago collage. It’s a mixed-up-muddled-up-shook-up-world except for Lola…. no, wait a minute that’s the Kinks (and one of my top-ten favourite songs y’all) I should be singing a Queen song….

A few wee snaps thrown into a collage from a couple of days I had in Chicago this weekend for this week’s Weekly Photography Theme.

Fat bottomed girls we make the rockin’ world go round! 

How to play chess

Attack formation of the Chess team
Attack formation of the Chess team

Prawn moves forward

Horsey jumps Prawn

Horsey changes direction mid-jump

Castle chases Horsey but get stuck behind Prawns coz he can only move in straight lines

Bishop sneaks around the board sideways because “No-one expects the Spanish Inquisition!”

Queenie can move however she wants because she’s the Queenie

King is a bit slow and can only move one square at a time

Prawns are actually only a sacrifice and get eaten up by all the other pieces

King gets a mate who then kills him

….. and that’s how you play chess.