Photo 101: Mystery and lighting

It’s kind of hard to find mysterious light in the middle of the day in the outdoors unless you’re under a tornado warning, which I wasn’t today. The sun was splitting the sky with puffy clouds so I thought to myself what can I do to make the light mysterious. Well the answer was obvious to a Photoshop Jedi… so I played around with the white balance and did a bit of vignetting and hey presto, a mysterious light surrounding an old abandoned church!

old church
The Mystery of the Abandoned Church by Agatha Christie

There are so many photogenic old buildings and barns in the Mid West, which I’d love to go closer and take a peek through the windows (then the light would be mysterious) but each and every one of them have a big NO TRESPASSING sign posted on them. Now if this had been back in Scotland no problem, a sneaky peek through the windows no bother, but this is Illinois and when they say NO TRESPASSING they mean NO TRESPASSING coz they have guns here! So I behaved myself and stuck to the road and snapped away.


As a side note when I was driving along the back roads I came across a shark in a corn field. Yep, you read that right. A shark in a corn field. Now that’s a mystery!

Shark – cue Jaws theme tune!

ps. Shark in a cornfield would be a cool name for a band dontcha think?