Moving out

Haud the bus! Or in non-Scottish terms – Stop! Stop what I hear you ask? Stop the world. I would like to experience Groundhog Day for a couple of months if it’s not too much bother. But why Alba? Because time is moving MUCH too fast for my liking…. my youngest is off to college next week and I’m NOT READY!!!

How can he possibly live on his own (albeit in a dorm with a roommate) He can’t even get out his bed before noon!!! And how will he survive without a kitchen full of food for him to graze all day long? But I’m trying to be cool about it all and be excited for him and the next chapter of his life. Plus being a cool parent (in MY mind – he might disagree) I’m not going to insist on a daily Facetime or Skype, just once a week will be fine (but I need texts from him more than once a week!) and I want more information than I got from him after High School was finished for the day, which ran along the lines of… Me: How was School? Him: Fine. Me: Anything fun happen today? Him: Nope. Me: What did your friends/teachers say today? Him: Nothing. Not holding out much hope though…

Ah well I still have daughter living at home for another 6 months then she’s off to Study Abroad. Gulp. If I think my 18yr old moving 2 1/2 hours away is bad how will I cope with my 21yr old moving halfway across the world??? That’s another thing – how can she possibly be 21 next month? I can’t possibly be old enough to have a 21 year old ye ken!!

A photie of my dog as at least he won’t leave me…

Take time to stop and smell the roses ... No, don't eat the flowers Bad Dawg!!!
Take time to stop and smell the roses … No, don’t eat the flowers Bad Dawg!!!