And this is why I’ve started blogging

I’ve always hated those meetings where you’re sitting round a table and you have to introduce yourself and tell everyone a little bit about yourself. Yesterday’s assignment felt a bit like that to me so I just wrote something silly (which I don’t think counts as a real blog) (but this one probably DOES count as a ‘real’ blog, so yayy, my first ever blog today) 🙂

Anyway, meetings, yes – don’t you just want to stand up and say “My name is Obi-Wan Adobe and I’m a ninja-jedi warrior” (photography/graphic design pun there non-designerey people)…. which of course is daft because they would obviously know you were a jedi already (due to the light-sabre) but I’m pretty sure it’s forbidden to tell people you are a ninja (maybe some ninjas out there can enlighten me on that point for future reference?)

Well this is why I’ve started blogging. I now work from home and no longer work in an office where we can have hour long discussions on the merits and qualities that make up the perfect elf (Legolas).

Oh and I will post some photographs too, but mostly I’ll probably just start blethering about whatever randomness is bothering me that specific day.

Use the force my friends!