How to play chess

Attack formation of the Chess team
Attack formation of the Chess team

Prawn moves forward

Horsey jumps Prawn

Horsey changes direction mid-jump

Castle chases Horsey but get stuck behind Prawns coz he can only move in straight lines

Bishop sneaks around the board sideways because “No-one expects the Spanish Inquisition!”

Queenie can move however she wants because she’s the Queenie

King is a bit slow and can only move one square at a time

Prawns are actually only a sacrifice and get eaten up by all the other pieces

King gets a mate who then kills him

….. and that’s how you play chess.


Thought I should maybe throw a photograph in this blog-thingĀ at some point…. this was taken last summer when I was back home in Scotland. The Kelpies are amazing and wish I had been there at night to see them lit up.

Kelpie lowres