Photo 101: Glass

“Hello from the Other Side… I must have barked a thousand times….”

Can’t take credit for that I’m afraid. I saw it on t’internet a while back and thought it was funny.

Glenn window
If you zoom in you’ll see all of Dawg’s Nose Art

Thought long and hard about today’s assignment, and if I hadn’t already taken some photographs of the old factory windows and uploaded them last week I would have done that. But in the end I faffed about nearly all day and ended up shooting the dog out the patio windows. Mission accomplished.

Photography 101: Glass – a little bit tipsy

Photo101: Glass. Which of course means wine.
Photo101: Glass. Which of course means wine.

Is the glass half-full?

Is the glass half-empty?

Who cares! The more important question is Who the hell drank half my wine!!

“Photo 101???” “Is she STILL doing that?” you may well ask.

Well, yep. A quitter I am not. The good news is though there’s only one more to do then I’ve (successfully?) completed the course. Only 2 months late.

Life has this annonying habit of interfering with online fun time. But it’s good to have a life so I’m not really complaining.

Anyway CheersMeDears. It’s only 3pm here but it’s a shame to waste perfectly good wine….