Photography 101: Mystery

Loudoun Kirk, Ayrshire
Loudoun Kirk, Ayrshire

Believed to have been built around 1198, Loudoun Kirk has been unused as a church since the 17th century.

It is the burial place of  the tragic Lady Flora Hastings, along with the Loudoun Family who owned nearby Loudoun Castle.

“There is an obelisk within the kirkyard, which serves as a monument to Lady Flora Hastings. Lady Flora was a Lady in Waiting to the Duchess of Kent (mother of Queen Victoria). In 1839 Lady Flora returned to Buckingham Palace after a holiday in Scotland and immediately consulted the Queen’s physician. The rumour began that she was pregnant and her honour was cast into doubt, despite two doctors stating that the symptoms were no grounds for suspicion of pregnancy. Queen Victoria, however, believed the rumours and the argument caused great public outcry against the Queen.

Lady Flora died quietly in her sleep due to her illness (an enlarged liver) with no apology from the Queen. Her family were outraged and Lady Flora’s sister Sophie, whilst waiting by her death bed, refused to sleep in a bed belonging to the Queen. The family, in retaliation, attached postage stamps, bearing the Queen’s head, upside down.”

Friends of Loudoun Kirk –

Although photogenic in the daytime, I don’t think many people would venture there in the evening!