Holy Smokes Batman, you’re an empty-nester now!

Weird title, huh? That’s because I’m talking about two things today. Firstly I’m now an empty-nester (I tried to find an old photograph I have of an empty nest, but I couldn’t find it anywhere so I’m uploading this one with a full nest of Red Cardinal chicks)

Baby Red Cardinals

My daughter moved into her own apartment this week and the house is SO quiet now. It’s especially quiet because my husband has been away on a business trip this past week and doesn’t get back till Tuesday. My son will probably never be back full-time at home either; he’s in his second year at university and I reckon he’ll end up staying in further education his whole life. So it’s just me and the dog. I really thought I would be miserable this week but can I let you into a secret *whisper* it’s been great! I mean obviously I’d rather my husband was home but the house is SO CLEAN and tidy! It helps I’ve been busy and have been up to daughters new place a couple of times but I think I’m going to enjoy this empty nest lifestyle.

Baby Cardinal practising leaving the nest

Now the Holy Smokes Batman part. Well, this morning I decided to have a huge clearout of my closet and anything that I hadn’t worn in 6 years (since I moved to the USA) was going. A genius idea hit me when I started that because it would take me a couple of hours to do this so I would run the oven’s self-cleaning thingy whilst I was working away in the bedroom. My husband normally does all the yucky jobs (like oven cleaning) and uses obnoxious smelling cleaning fluid, rubber gloves, hazmat suit, the works. Hah, why doesn’t he ever use the self-cleaning button says I to dawg (yes, I talk to my dog, who doesn’t?) All I can say is I apologise to everyone on my street and it’s a good job my next door neighbour is a fireman! I walked into the kitchen and the smoke was belching out the oven. Oops.

Anyway here’s another couple of Red Cardinal pics, which have absolutely nothing to do with the story but this is a (kinda) photography blog after all.

Have a good week chummies 🙂

Male Cardinal
Female Cardinal