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Standing in the checkout queue at Walmart having a conversation on my phone when I notice the cashier giving me a sort of horrified/shocked look. She could obviously only hear my side of the conversation which went along the lines of “I’m shooting a baby tomorrow” “No, I prefer shooting teenagers actually” Obviously I was talking about photography but I have no idea WHAT she thought I was talking about! Did I enlighten her? Did I heck! 😉 That’s half the fun of eavesdropping… figuring out the rest of the conversation. I’m the worlds worst (or should that be the worlds best?) at listening in to other people’s conversations. When I’m sitting in a restaurant or coffee shop I can’t help myself. I’ve got to listen! Slightly deviating from the eavesdropping side of this to me simply being nosey – my poor husband was rushed into hospital with his appendix nearly at bursting stage. Whilst sitting in the cubicle with him lying in agony on a trolley I noticed loads of nurses peering in through the small glass window on the door and giggling. After about 10 minutes of this a doctor comes in the room and asks him “Is it still stuck?” Husband being a bit out of it just looks at him in agony, clutching his side as the doctor picks up his paperwork then says “Oh, wrong patient” and walks back out the door. Meanwhile I’m sitting there going “Noooooo, come back…. is what stuck where???” Never did find out who, what, and more importantly why!! 😦 People watching and being nosey is so much fun though – but only to a certain extent. I want all my nosiness to have happy endings and my world to stay all pink fluffy clouds and happy unicorns prancing around. I don’t want to eavesdrop into unhappy lives or sad stories. Yes, I do live in a dream world! DISCLAIMER: No babies were harmed in writing this blog!