Doggy Car Wash

When I told Dawg today he was going to get a B-A-T-H he was like “Who me? Why????”


But when I told him he was going to the Car Wash he was off!


I don’t actually take him to the Dog Wash at the Car Wash myself – my daughter takes him but I’m assuming that he gets strapped to the roof of the car and goes through the cycles, same as when you take your car. I have no idea how she manages to get him to not destroy the brushes as they’re soaping him up, but I have the perfect picture in my head of him getting all soapy, then getting rinsed off, then getting blow-dried before coming out the other end all clean and sparkly!

Which brings me to the thought, I wonder how they clean zoo animals. Do you think they have different sizes zoo-car-washes for elephants and giraffes? Also I don’t think they’d put the zebra through the zoo/car wash as they’d wash his stripes off, because everyone knows that the zebra’s stripes are coloured in each morning with a black sharpie. Hmmm, I wonder where I can buy (or rent) a zebra to try it out. Maybe Walmart? They sell everything else!