Critters and beasties

Was going to title this ‘Critters and Varmints’ but I think a varmint is more of a furry creature. Critter is a great word though, it covers just about anything from cute tiny robbers (raccoons) to giant mice (opposums) and big hairy spiders. You will note though that I haven’t taken any pics of spiders. I don’t like things that can attack me before I shoot them. With a camera obviously. It’s a bit over-the-top to blast a spider with a shotgun. Not that I kill them anyway, I always try and throw them outside, but sometimes Dawg gets to them first and eats them. He’s a big critter-eating critter.

froggy lowres

He tried to spend the winter indoors last year when I brought the Hibiscus bush back inside. I would have been happy with that except he decided not to hibernate and hop around the living room. Bye Froggy. I hope you survived after I took you back outside (I buried him in the mulch)

tomato worm lowres
Tomato Worm

Warning! You may never eat tomatoes again after finding this giant critter in your plants šŸ˜¦ I refuse to pick tomatoes now. I make the other minions in my family do it for me.


I think it’s a grasshopper anyway. It’s cute. Check out the smile for the camera!


I think this might have been the prototype for the Stealth Bomber…

Praying Mantis

Green and purple – he was so nice to pose against the gladioli for me.

snake smaller

Was just a wee toaty one though. It was cute.


Just love the sound of the crickets and the tree frogs in the evening here. Don’t like them so much when they try and come in the house.


Dead bug lowres
Not a Cockroach – Dung Beetle maybe?

At least I think it’s a cockroach. Whatever it was it was dead (hence the funny angle) I’m not too keen on cockroaches (even when they’re dead!)

*Edited – Dung Beetle is the new ID. Cockroaches/dung beetles, they’re all too big, too ugly, too scarey!


These are so hard to photograph. I got lucky here with this one.

Funny story – I don’t mind bugs, but I hate slimy-wormy-sluggy-things. Maggots give me the heebie-geebies. But one time back in Scotland in the kitchen of my first flat I ended up standing on a slug. It squished right between my toes. I can still picture my husband looking at me going “What the heck?!?” as I’m prancing around the living room squealing like a big girls blouse whilst rubbing my foot across the carpet. Kind of like a bull does before he charges. Not a happy memory.

I’m currently trying my hardest to capture a photograph of the Fireflys (or Lightning Bugs as they’re called around here) Every eveningĀ they are fabulous when they fly up close to you and they fly pretty slowly too, but so far I haven’t been able to shoot one. Again, with a camera.