I won the Internet again!!! AND THIS TIME THERE’S CAKES!!!!!!

Woohoo…. this is the 2nd time I’ve won the Internet – and I’ve only been blogging since January!!! 😀

By the end of the year I’ll be King of the World! Or Yoda.

I’d like to thank my friend the Lovely Lili for nominating me. Go check out her page and drool over your screen as her cakes look amazing. I haven’t actually tried to make any of them yet, but that’s down to the fact I’m a rubbish cook, not that her recipes are difficult!


Soooo, this is my award. I’m waiting on my years free supply of cakes now (there was cakes, wasn’t there Lili?)

Awesomeness Award :-D
Awesomeness Award 😀

And I now have to tell you 5 things about myself that you don’t know.

  1. My parents moved to the Midwest, USA from Scotland, UK just after I got married, and 22 years later when I moved to the Midwest USA with my family  my parents moved to Florida. Do you think they’re trying to tell me something?!?
  2.  I was a Tomboy when I was young. If I wasn’t climbing trees I’d be falling in the river (accidentally on purpose of course) or roaming around the woods and countryside with my dog. I grew out of it and now like dresses, make-up and heels, but I still prefer the countryside over cities. I no longer fall in rivers either…. much 😉
  3. I’m the worlds worst singer. No actually, scratch that. My sister is the worlds worst singer (sorry Sis) but she might not agree with me on that. I AM musical, I can read music and play piano but I cannae sing to save myself (unfortunately for those with me in the car, because I know the words to every single song – and if I don’t know them I’ll quite happily make them up!) 😉
  4. I can totally lose myself in a book. The room can be exploding around me and the kids are starting WWIII and I don’t even notice. Fantasy is my favourite. Show me a book with a dragon, elf or wizard in it and I’m hooked!
  5. I’m a ninja. I am. I have a badge to prove it. My sister gave it to me coz she’s a ninja too.
Proof that I'm a ninja
Proof that I’m a ninja