Olympic athlete

As an Olympic Athlete myself I often award myself a medal for just getting through the daily routines of the day. Yeah all right, I often award myself a cookie but come on, who wouldn’t rather have a cookie than a gold medal?

Cookies lowres
Cookies – better than a medal

Olympic athlete? Who are you kidding you may well ask.

Well I think the day to day routines we all follow deserve to be awarded (with cookies). For instance the Bed Making Hammer Throw – it takes a lot of effort to throw that duvet back on the bed and fluff those pillows. The Reversing the Car out of the Garage Sprint whilst missing your son’s car sitting directly behind yours on the driveway deserves at least a pair of sunglasses cookies. Not forgetting the Supermarket Slalom and Don’t Step On The Dog’s Toys Hurdles (nearly as bad as when you have small children in the house who still play with lego hurdles)

trainers lowres
Special sports shoes are needed for Olympic Athletes

Anyway this week I decided to kick-start my static weight loss with a daily dose of exercise, apart from the Olympic Events that I daily compete in as mentioned above. Monday I went back to the gym for the first time in months. I’m still suffering. The only good thing about the gym is that it shows you where all your muscles are. Muscles that you didn’t even know you have…. inside your elbow has a muscle. No, really, it does. I can’t straighten my arms anymore. Tuesday I went to Zumba. No problem normally, but after the gym on Monday EVERYTHING was too hard to do. My morning Zumba class is usually pretty good as I’m the youngest person there but yesterday all the old biddies were totally funking it up and I was barely surviving in the back row. Today is swimming. Shoot me now. It would be kinder in the long run.

A fellow blogger has a really good post about Pizza Olympics – check out his post at Ben’s Bitter Blog here https://bensbitterblog.com/2016/04/17/pizzalympics/. I totally deny stealing his idea. Plus I can probably bribe him with pizza and he won’t sue.