New Year (new me?)… Nah!

Greeting Bloggers,

How goes it in the land of Blog? I have missed all your lovely blogs lately but hopefully I’ll do better now (sounds like my school report card – Alba could do better!) I’m definitely going to go back to the Weekly Photo Challenge and hoping to blog in-between as well. No New Year resolutions for me this year though, they just get broken… although last year I did manage to log into MyFitnessPal every single day. Every. Single. Day. Are you impressed? I’m not saying I actually lost any weight, plus some days I might only have logged my breakfast, but I did it, and still am. I’m currently at 375 days in a row. Go me!! This year I just intend to eat healthily, work out a couple of times a week (I’m just back in from my first cycle ride in months today and even though it was a close-run thing, I didn’t puke up my lunchtime lentil soup. It was touch and go for a moment, but I didn’t disgrace myself. I do have jelly legs now, but stomach is fine) plus keep working away. I would love to say I could make enough money for my husband to retire, but that isn’t going to happen. Not that I want him hanging around the house God forbid, but he can go get a less stressful job as a golf-course greenkeeper, tiling bathrooms or raising chickens (all things he’d be pretty good at but won’t make us rich).

Anyway as this is supposed to be a photography blog here’s a few pics from my Ne’erday celebrations and a short trip we had to Chicago to meet up with 4 Scottish friends who came over to the US to celebrate one of their birthdays. Unfortunately the birthday boy got stopped at the US Immigration in Dublin and got questioned so long him and his wife missed the flight (thanks Immigration!) but they manged to get here the next day in time for the train back down to my house. They’ll laugh about it eventually….

We made up for it on Hogmanay with a party night at a local hotel and loads of fun, laughter, (bad) singing and good food (when I wasn’t cooking anyway). Christmas was also good – spending time with my wee family, Skyping or FaceTiming my extended family and of course eating far too much (that would have been one of my breakfast only days on MyFitnessPal)

I hope you all had a lovely festive season and are raring to go in 2018. Cheers everyone!

Hogmanay Shenanigans
Kinda ironic this was the view from my hotel window seeing as one of my friends wasn’t allowed through US Immigration!
Chicago at night


WPC: Collage

A Chicago collage. It’s a mixed-up-muddled-up-shook-up-world except for Lola…. no, wait a minute that’s the Kinks (and one of my top-ten favourite songs y’all) I should be singing a Queen song….

A few wee snaps thrown into a collage from a couple of days I had in Chicago this weekend for this week’s Weekly Photography Theme.

Fat bottomed girls we make the rockin’ world go round! 

WPC: Reflecting

On seeing this week’s topic the Chicago Bean (Cloud Gate Sculpture to give it it’s proper name) immediately sprung to mind and luckily I found a shot I hadn’t ever bothered with before as I had taken so many photographs of it. Anyway here is The Chicago Bean in all it’s shiny reflective glory.

Reflections of my life

Reflections of my life by Marmalade. A great song, but oh boy, is it depressing! Now I have an earworm.

I thought I’d throw in another shot on the Reflecting theme. Maybe if I’m a good girl this year Santa will bring me one of these. Or a pony. I’m easy to please.


p.s. You’ll be happy to know I have my ‘R’s’ back in the title field.


WPC: Dense (fog)

Although I’ve visited quite a few US cities now, my favourite is still Chicago. I love the vibe and atmosphere of the place. It reminds me a lot of Glasgow in Scotland, another of my favourite cities. This week’s photography challenge is ‘Dense’ so what sprung to mind was some of the dense fogs that roll in off Lake Michigan. So here is a few foggy Chicago shots followed by some clear shots of the same city skyline for comparison.

Chicago misty

Foggy Chicago skyline, taken from Navy Pier


Foggy Navy Pier taken from Chicago shoreline


Foggy Skyscraper in Chicago


Same viewpoint as the first photograph with no fog

Chicago yellow 8x10

Taken on a different day after the weekly fireworks display, which left the sky an amazing yellow colour.


What month is it?

What do you mean it’s December already??? I’m still in October here!

October, what a great month that was. There was Hawaii of course for mum’s 70th birthday. Then at the end there was a quick overnight trip to Chicago to see Amos Lee. The photographs from the concert have been sitting in my compact camera since then and finally got the chance to look at them today and they’re pants. One salvageable shot from the whole lot…. I must have known subconsiously that they were rubbish and therefore was not in a rush to look at them.

Anyway here is my concert shot of Amos Lee at the Chicago Theatre. Bet you could totally have guessed who it was from this shot (not!) Oh yeah, and there was also some sort of Baseball game thingy happening in Chicago that weekend too. I knew this because of the lions outside the Art Institute wearing Cubs baseball hats. I’m so sporty!

Excuse the blurry image – it was taken from a moving car. Very mean of hubby not to stop in the middle of the traffic for me dontcha think?
Chicago Theatre
Can you tell who it is? A new career as a concert photographer awaits…

But best of all a driving trip to Chicago means a slight diversion *cough* of a few miles to the Irish supermarket to stock up on goodies. My credit card overloaded that day.


Photography 101: Triumph!

Fireworks and other triumphant shenanigans
Fireworks and other triumphant shenanigans

Yayy! Woohoo! Wheetwheet! Gaunyersel!

I am triumphant because I’ve finished, albeit the last to cross the finish line, but I’ve now completed the photo a day challenge!

Cue fireworks, champagne and cake. A bit OTT? Nah, there should always be cake. Preferably with butter icing. Ask Lili, she’ll agree with me (

Photography 101: Water


Chicago – my favourite (or should I say favorite) city in the USA.

I had hoped to do an original shot for the ‘water’ theme, but once again I ran out of time. Not enough hours in the day unfortunately.

Anyway sharing my photo of the Chicago River – hope you like it.

Need to go one time on St. Patrick’s Day when they dye the river green – that would be cool to see!