Weekly photography challenge – Graceful. The first thing that springs to mind is my photograph of the ballet dancers in Miami over the summer, but I’d already uploaded the best photograph from that lot and the rest were blown out too much to salvage (harsh middle of the day lighting) but looking back over the photographs again I found this one.


Look at how graceful she is, just standing there having a conversation.

Anyway here’s a link to the earlier post –¬†

What to post for Graceful then if I wasn’t going to use the dancers again. Last week I was having a conversation with a friend about statues and I realised I had loads of unused photographs of the statues ontop of the tombs in New Orleans. Looking through them this morning it struck me as to how graceful they were and how talented the sculptors were to create these pieces of art.


If you’re ever in New Orleans don’t miss the chance to visit the cemeteries. I only had time to visit one of them but I’m so glad we made the trip, plus it means if I ever go back then I have loads more to visit. Plus y’all need to go to Cafe Du Monde and eat Beignets. “What has that to do with Graceful?” Nothing at all, but you know, BEIGNETS!


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