WPC: Scale

Sorry I’ve been MIA from the Weekly Photo Challenge. It’s all down to work – I have so much of it that I don’t get as much time as I would like to mess about on the internet, which is good as I work free-lance. Anyway I’m in it this week with one old photograph (the butterfly) and two new ones (the Praying Mantis).


I found this beauty lurking in a folder unedited in my bugs and beasties folder on my PC (I’m currently clearing out my folders as I’m eagerly awaiting a new PC being delivered this week) Anyway a quick levels and sharpening and we have a lovely butterfly.

Praying Mantis 4

This not so pretty beastie has decided that the back of my bench is a good place to live. Now I can no longer sit on the bench… He flew (jumped?) onto my hair the first time I saw him so I think he thinks we’re friends now. He’s wrong.

Praying Mantis 3

But I did name him Eric. Don’t you think he looks like an Eric? No, just me?



Ladies wot lunch

The importance of friends can not be overlooked. Whether it’s old friends, new friends, online friends, friends that might have been, friends you have lost or mans best friends, they have all played a part in who we are at this moment in time. This is just a shout-out to¬†everyone I’ve ever called a friend, and for those I’ve yet to meet. Thank you for being there for me.

“I’ll get by with a little help from my friends”