Hello Blogging friends from me and my dog

Where have you been I hear you ask? (humour me!) We missed you (as we say in Scotland – Aye Right! – where two positives make a negative)

Well I’ve been busy with work (boring) and life but it seems to be slightly slowing down now (work, not life), maybe it’s the lead up to Christmas but I’m expecting to be extremely busy come the New Year, so thought I’d throw up a post (or two) in December incase I can’t get online much next year.  That just shows you how messed up my brain is at the moment. I wrote the post, then checked it over for spelling mistakes and noticed that I wrote December but we’re actually still in November!

I even tried (and failed) to do the Facebook challenge that’s going around just now – 7 days in your life, black and white photographs, no people, no explanations. I decided to take all the photographs with my phone to speed up processing time, but again, FAIL.

The photographs I did take though seemed to all be following a theme of….. my dog, or as my human children call him, my favourite child! Anyway in the interests of writing a blog for the sake of it, here are my black and white photographs of my dog’s life (and mine).


High Five Dawg! He was sleeping (snoring) when I snuck up on him to photograph his paw. Oh mighty paw, with claws like a lions, how many times have you scratched me down my face when I happen to put my head too close and you decide to give me a paw?


I read somewhere that sleeping Airedales resemble a train wreck. It looks like someone picked them up and threw them against the wall (couch) and they fell asleep where they landed. The stinker woke up when he heard me approaching and moved though. I still love this shot as you can see him thinking “Party! Is it time for a party? Woohooo, just give me two minutes to untangle myself and I’ll be right there!” Cutie pie.


Then when I’m not working and being the dog’s servant I’m actually walking him. Our (my) favourite place to walk is at a local state park, especially now that all the leaves have fallen and it makes for a crunchy (smelly) (for him, not me) walk. Autumn trails.


Head pat and ear scratches. For the dog. Not me. I don’t mind the head pats, but I’m not very particular about ear scratches. Thanks all the same. A friend said to me recently that I should love him with everything I have so when he is gone I can feel good about what I had. Well I do. And I appreciate every minute I have with him, even when he pesters the life out of me (or scratches my face). There’s nothing nicer than snuggles from an 80lb lap dog. ❤

Noo Yoik

Last set of uploads from New York (I promise!) even though I have hundreds more. I don’t want to be boring. Plus I have another big trip planned in a couple of weeks…. ssshhhh, it’s a secret!

New York 56
The Flat Iron Building

I would have loved to have been a couple of feet to the left but that would have meant hovering hundreds of feet up in the air off the side of the Empire State Building, and even though I have MANY special powers hovering in mid-air isn’t one of them (unfortunately)!

*edited – left? I mean right of course. I think I have left-right dyslexia. All I ever hear from my family and friends is “NO, your OTHER right!”

New York 64
Bryant Park Coffee Shop

Just sitting watching the world go by. Is there anything more fun than people watching? I think not. Mind you when I people-watch I try to avoid eye-contact, but sometimes the inevitable happens. I think I’m a magnet for weirdos and nutters. I have so many stories about being approached by strangers and the strange things that happen to me…. another time for those stories perhaps.

New York 68
Brooklyn Bridge

Didn’t get to walk across unfortuantely. One of my friends we met up with in New York actually had a broken leg so we tried to make it as easy as possible for her with the amount of walking we did. Mind you I still managed to average 18,000 steps a day! She didn’t do that many steps before I get accused of cruelty to the broken-legged. She taxied a lot of places where I would walk with my other friends. One photograph I would have loved to have taken was of this bridge at night with the skyscrapers in the background but that photo has been done to death anyway, by much better photographers than me.

New York 55
Building advertisments

Not a black and white but I really love old advertising, especially on the side of buildings. I actually have a plan in my head to do a graphic design of all the New York street signs (yep, I took tons of photographs of them too!) and make them into a sort of collage. That project will take me a wee while to complete but until then, goodbye from Noo Yoik!

Photo 101: Architecture and monochrome

This was a fun challenge today! I love black and white photography and even though I live in a very non-architecturaly-pretty town I managed to find a few shots that I haven’t taken before. (This time round for Photo 101 I’m determined to take all new shots!)

Anyway here are my offerings for today’s theme – hope you like. Feedback as always is greatly appreciated 🙂

Will Rodgers lowres
Boarded up old movie theatre
Will Rodgers theatre lowres
Will Rogers Art-deco style movie theatre street view
Fire escape low res
Abandoned shoe factory

Portencross Pier

Portencross Pier from the bottom. Or from the side I should say.
Portencross Pier from the bottom. Or from the side I should say.

Just another quick post – still alive and kicking but finding myself pushed for time so blogging is taking a back-seat these days.

I love this old pier – it’s so photogenic, but there’s a bloody big hole in the middle of it you have to walk round to get to the end. Good job I don’t have a fear of heights! In the background is the isle of Arran. Arran should be on everyone’s bucket list. It’s been called ‘Scotland in miniature’ as it has it all – mountains, beaches, golf courses, 5 star hotels and cheese. What more could you ask for?

Happy weekend blogging friends.

Photography 101: Treasure

This was a difficult theme. There are so many things I treasure, but how to photograph them? So after thinking it about it all yesterday I came to the conclusion that photographs themselves were a treasure. The ability to have memories to look back on (and not just rely on the rusty grey cells) was something to treasure. And photographs of people are of course the most treasured ones of all. This was all my poor old brain could come up with so bear with me and I’ll explain my thinking.

Treasured moments
Treasured moments

This is a portrait of a 97 year old Great, Great Grandmother. She is my friends gran and I was shooting a baby (her Great, Great Grandson) when I turned round and candidly caught this moment.

The family treasure this photograph because of who she is to them.

She treasures the photograph because of her dogs.

I treasure the photograph because it is one of my favourite portraits I have ever captured. I think I managed to catch the contentment of an elderly woman, surrounded by her own treasures, her loving family (and dogs) and also because I think she is beautiful.

So what I was trying to say (in my kind of long-winded and confusing way) is treasure the moments and memories my blogging friends.

Photography 101: Mystery

Loudoun Kirk, Ayrshire
Loudoun Kirk, Ayrshire

Believed to have been built around 1198, Loudoun Kirk has been unused as a church since the 17th century.

It is the burial place of  the tragic Lady Flora Hastings, along with the Loudoun Family who owned nearby Loudoun Castle.

“There is an obelisk within the kirkyard, which serves as a monument to Lady Flora Hastings. Lady Flora was a Lady in Waiting to the Duchess of Kent (mother of Queen Victoria). In 1839 Lady Flora returned to Buckingham Palace after a holiday in Scotland and immediately consulted the Queen’s physician. The rumour began that she was pregnant and her honour was cast into doubt, despite two doctors stating that the symptoms were no grounds for suspicion of pregnancy. Queen Victoria, however, believed the rumours and the argument caused great public outcry against the Queen.

Lady Flora died quietly in her sleep due to her illness (an enlarged liver) with no apology from the Queen. Her family were outraged and Lady Flora’s sister Sophie, whilst waiting by her death bed, refused to sleep in a bed belonging to the Queen. The family, in retaliation, attached postage stamps, bearing the Queen’s head, upside down.”

Friends of Loudoun Kirk – http://www.loudounkirk.org.uk

Although photogenic in the daytime, I don’t think many people would venture there in the evening!

How to play chess

Attack formation of the Chess team
Attack formation of the Chess team

Prawn moves forward

Horsey jumps Prawn

Horsey changes direction mid-jump

Castle chases Horsey but get stuck behind Prawns coz he can only move in straight lines

Bishop sneaks around the board sideways because “No-one expects the Spanish Inquisition!”

Queenie can move however she wants because she’s the Queenie

King is a bit slow and can only move one square at a time

Prawns are actually only a sacrifice and get eaten up by all the other pieces

King gets a mate who then kills him

….. and that’s how you play chess.


Thought I should maybe throw a photograph in this blog-thing at some point…. this was taken last summer when I was back home in Scotland. The Kelpies are amazing and wish I had been there at night to see them lit up.

Kelpie lowres