I wrote a post about hawks (or sock monkeys as we like to call them here) some time ago – this one¬†https://alba1047.wordpress.com/2015/01/30/sock-monkeys-and-giant-mice/ but this time there’s pictures! I am privileged to have a backyard that backs onto woods and I just love sitting outside and listening to all the critters and varmits and birds (is a bird a critter or varmit?) Last year I discovered that the screeching noise I kept hearing was a young hawk calling for it’s mother (or father, not sure who does the feeding). Anyway this year not only is the screeching back but I managed to capture both the young bird and the mother (father?)

Juvenile Red Tailed Hawk
Juvenile Red-Tailed Hawk

The first two are of the young one. It was just sitting on the grass verge on my street as I was driving in, so luckily I always have my compact camera in my handbag and I managed to snap off these two shots out the car window.

Then when I got to my house the parent flew past me and landed on a tree in my neighbours garden. I hope they didn’t mind me walking over their grass to grab a shot with my DSLR but it was too good a chance to miss. This one is full zoom (300mm) on my Pentax K5.

Adult Red-Tailed Hawk

I’m hoping to grab a shot of the owl that lives in the woods next. I did catch it once but the photo was terrible. It was only good enough to identify it as a Barred Owl. The owls make absolutely NO noise as they fly past. Their wing spans must be at least 4 feet, they are amazing birds.

I’m so lucky to have all this wildlife around.