Crocodile Dundee…

Or maybe that should be Alligator Alba? Anyways here’s some alligators from my recent adventures in the Florida Swamplands.

*Note no alligators were harmed in the taking of these pictures.

**Also note, no humans were harmed in the taking of these pictures.


Just swimming along, minding my own business when I’m disturbed by cameras and people going “ALLIGATOR!” Blooming humans!!


Say “Cheese” for the camera.


You know what they say – Never trust a smile on a crocodile. But Alligators are OK. Aren’t they? You can trust their smiles?!?


So calm, so inviting…. MUST….NOT…PADDLE….


That is one trusting (or dumb) bird!


He has his beady eye on me…!!!!


Florida swamp – Myakka River State Park actually


Pretending to be a log…. we can see you!!


Not an alligator. Not even when you grow up will you be an alligator. Arry, yer a lizard!


Mr. Alba is SO trusting… “Go a little bit nearer dear, it’s for the photograph!”… hehee




Doesn’t it look great? We also canoed up a river with alligators (Wekiwa Cold Springs State Park) but we didn’t see any alligators when we were on the river. Which is a good job as I had my 10 year old nephew in my canoe and I don’t think there is much meat on him. I’d make a much better lunch for an alligator! :-/


Swamps can be beautiful too


You know, it hadn’t even crossed my mind to molest an alligator….

WPC: Dange

Question: Why is my ‘R’ not working in the title? It’s working in the post field? RrRrRrRr – see! Are R’s dangerous? I suppose it depends on who’s doing the R-ing. *sigh* I’ve had Internet troubles all week and now it looks like I’m having keyboard trouble.

Anyway the post. Danger. A week late.

A dangerous beastie!

Never trust a smile on a crocodile. Except this is an alligator. Don’t trust them either… they’re pretty dodgy too.

Alligator hunting at the golf course

When I was at my sisters the guys (and my sister) went to play golf at Buffalo Creek, which is their local course, and I went along for the photo opps. A few weeks ago there was a video all over the internet about an alligator wanting to play golf at Buffalo Creek Golf Course in Florida. Well guess where I was alligator hunting? This is the video of the alligator.

And this is my photo of the gigantic alligator. Luckily he didn’t come out the water as I don’t know if the golf carts can go fast enough to escape him!

It’s an alligator, not a log!

I did find a small one sunbathing at another pond, but when I got closer it swam away. This is a huge crop from my zoom lens.

Alligator 1
Sunbathing alligator

This is it swimming away when I approached it.

Alligator 2
I can still see you

Then when we were driving back from Miami to Tampa through I75 ‘Alligator Alley’ we stopped at a conservation area and although we didn’t see any alligators my sister and I swear this was a dead body in the pond. Both husbands say it was a rock… BUT WE KNOW BETTER!

A woman’s white top methinks!