It’s an Airedale

Alert and ever ready to spring into action at a moments notice.
Questions people ask me. 

What kind of dog is that – it’s an Airedale

Is that a labradoodle – it’s an Airedale

Is that a giant poodle – it’s an Airedale

Is that a schnauzer- it’s an Airedale

Are they easy to train – it’s an Airedale, so no. Only if HE wants to be trained. 

Can I pet your giant teddy bear – it’s an Airedale. And no. 

Are they good guard dogs – it’s an Airedale, so yes. Unless of course you’re a burglar and he’s sleeping, in which case you’d probably trip over him. 

Is he smart – it’s an Airedale, so yes.  

Is he pure bred – no, he’s half crocodile

The Airedale. Fierce, ferocious , furry friend.