WPC Structure: Wings

For the past 7 years since I moved to the USA I’ve become ever so slightly obsessed by hummingbirds. They’re absolutely amazing! They’re so small, fast, squabbly (is that a real word?), colourful, noisy and un-afraid. I saw one take on a titmouse the other day!

Anyway this weeks WPC of structure is a good excuse to use my weekend shots of the hummingbirds and in particular their wings and the structure of their feathers.

Technical jargon if anyone is interested: the shutter speed I needed to capture these shots was 1/3000 of a second with an ISO of 1600 at F6.3. I was using an 18-300mm Sigma lens on my Pentax K5 at full zoom and when editing I used a huge crop as well. I’m pretty pleased they turned out as sharp as they did (not counting all the binned blurry efforts btw).

I love how they fly right up to you and look you in the face as if to say “Hey giant thingy, what are you?” Now if I could only get one to perch on my finger.



35 thoughts on “WPC Structure: Wings

  1. Wow Alba! Superb stuff there.
    I love the second and fourth in your sequence. It must’ve taken loads of patience to get those, you should be very pleased with them.
    Shame humming birds don’t figure in the Dolomites!

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  2. Stunning photos of the hummingbirds Alba, no wonder you are so fascinated with them!! And love the new word you’ve just invented, ‘squabbly’, not only does it sound brilliant, it makes an excellent Scrabble word too (worth 23 on its own, but get it on the triple word, and the S on the end of another word, and the use of all 7 letters – IT COULD BE WORTH 120 POINTS, or more!!!! Lol!)

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  3. These photos are nearly as sharp as your intellect Alba. Now let’s not be squabbly about this fact, I mean squabble about this. Of course you will get onee to come and hum on your finger – question is will your camera be set at 1/3000 of a second with an ISO of 1600 at F6.3? Really amazing photos. This week due to time constraints among other things like an unstructured life the structured challenge is passing me by.

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  4. Great pic’s my friend! Since moving I have been trying to attract hummingbirds to my feeder; no evidence that they are yet though. Be sure I will be ready when they do! πŸ™‚

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  5. I scouldn’t help smiling as they mentioned Humming birds in the latest photo challenge and thought of you using your Humming birds a week to early (that has happened to me). But do not despair. Humming birds are mentioned to contrast the current’s week challenge – waiting

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